1. Never worry over rumors or what "'they" say. First get the facts.
2. Know definitely your worry problem. Write it down. Face it.
3. Worry about only one problem at a time.
4. Set a definite day, afternoon, or night for worrying.
5. Never worry in bed, in the dining room, living room, or when serving God.
6. Select an air-conditioned room. Lean back in an easy chair.
7. Set a time limit. If you must go beyond it, give yourself credit for time-and-a-half.
8. Never worry with a frowning face. Smile, sing or whistle.
9. Never worry when you are tired, sick, angry, or depressed.
10. Never worry while working, playing, visiting, shopping or gossiping.
11. There are two times never to worry: when you can help the situation and when you cannot.
12. Never worry alone. Take it to the Lord and leave it there (Proverbs 3:5,6).