WISE OBSERVATIONS : "The very nature of differences and disagreements is conclusive of profit; for total, constant agreement between two people means that (1) they both know the same things, and (2) they are both ignorant of the same things, hence, neither can contribute to the increase of the other.

"Also, I have observed that there has seldom crossed my path a matter with which I had a difference which did not also contain some elements of truth; and even if I felt my difference was justified, I could still accept and apply the elements of truth.

"Andrew Fuller once remarked that a verse of scripture was none the worse for its being misunderstood and misused. We need not abandon the verse because of its misapplication. I have often thought about the fact that, so far as we know, the thief-on-the-cross received the truth about Christ circumstantially -- he was in the "wrong" place at the "right" time. No one preached to him, taught him in a class, or gave him a tract or book. He heard various things about Christ from those around the cross, and it "made sense" to him despite the fragmented nature of what he heard; even the scornful words bore a positive truth for him. He somehow was able, or enabled, to put the "pieces" of the "puzzle" together."- Bob L. Ross, Pasedena, TX (In a letter to the editor)