May 1991   "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good." Vol. 6, No. 2
(1 Thess. 5:21)


Those Who Devour Widows' Houses

Charles Holt

Questions About Worship

Hidden Prophesies In The Psalms

Identifying The ACLU

A Word About Letters

War! Its Blessings (?) And Its Curses

The Last Word

Bob West


Brother Fairasee

A Tennessee Bond Holder

The Evils Of Institutional Religion

Dusty Owens

Spiritual Gifts: Are They With Us Today? (1)

Unknown Author

Gimmicks Have Replaced The Gospel

Art Thompson

Elders? Presbyters?

Steven Clark Goad

Jesus Is Coming

"Give It Up"

Curtis Dickinson

Fulfilled Promises


How To Worry Scientifically

Jim Gregory

When Perfection Comes


Some Thoughts

Warren Baldwin


Fred O. Blakely

The Spirit's Tutorship

Norman Parks

Norman Parks Writes

Frances Williams

Women And Leadership In The Congregation

Did God Set Us Up?

Adison Martin


Converted Catholic Magazine

What Man Can Forgive Sins?

Alexander Campbell

The Spirit And Soul

George R. Plagenz

Bible Prophets Had U.S. In Mind?


Readers Speak

Bob L. Ross

Wise Observations