"I like your publication. Please keep sending it. Also have included a few names and a check. It's not much, but I hope it will help out, Montana... "Thank you so much for THE EXAMINER. It is a breath of fresh air! Please accept the enclosed donation to continue this ministry. I would also appreciate you sending the paper to the following people. Thank you again for your faith and courage." Western state... "NO, I would not like to receive THE EXAMINER. Do not send this STUPID publication to my home! Remove me from your mailing list." -- Texas ... "Thank you so much for THE EXAMINER. When reading it for the first time I knew it was for me." Texas.

"Dear Friends: I have just read my first copy (loaned to me by a friend) of THE EXAMINER and found it very refreshing. It is exciting to discover that not all the windows and doors are locked and guarded, and that it is possible for some fresh breeze to get in and disturb the otherwise still, dead air of the 'sanctuary'. Please enroll me as a subscriber of THE EXAMINER. Thank you for ... your good work."

Texas ... "THE EXAMINER (January 90) this month was extra special, for me anyway. We could have written the article on "Spiritual Burnout". Some of the things were just exactly what we went through. I sometimes feel sad and glad that someone else has felt what we have." Ohio

"Keep up the good work. This has helped me find more freedom in Christ. May God bless you." Texas ... "Please accept this small contribution to help with the continuing publication of THE EXAMINER. With the Lord's continued blessings, I plan to send more money on a somewhat regular basis ... This magazine has helped me study my Bible, REALLY study), probably for the first time in my life, although I 'grew up' in 'the church' and attended a 'Christian' college. It has been a real eye-opener and I'm very excited over the things I've learned; really learning for the first time in many years! My husband and I have two small children, and pray we can now truly teach them the ways of the Lord... Thank you again for helping me to think for myself." Tennessee

"1 thoroughly enjoy every issue of THE EXAMINER. I read it from cover to cover as soon as it is received. I surely want to continue to receive it, and pray for your continued ministry ... I was born and 'reared' in the Independent Christian Church denomination, and was ordained by my home congregation in 1948. I departed from the structured ministry 15 years ago. We have a small group that has met ever since in storefront facilities, school buildings, and now an office building. It is a very informal gathering with dialogue in a circle. We do not have membership roles, no expenses (overhead). Our 'gathering' is a caring, sharing, and bearing time ... I pray for your work. Keep The EXAMINER coming."-- Georgia ... "1 enjoy your publication a great deal. It is very thought provoking and relevant in today's confused religious world. Please add me and my friends to your mailing list."

"Please add my name to your list to receive your publication, THE EXAMINER. I was raised in the Church of Christ, and am now Youth Pastor of a nondenominational Christian church. I have grown spiritually due to the inter-mix of all different faiths coming together to worship the LORD is one place ... I would also ask that you place my parents on your list as I believe they would appreciate your publication as much as I Texas

"1 enjoy reading the thought-provoking articles in THE EXAMINER very much. There are some of the ideas and opinions expressed that I have some serious reservations about and would like to do some careful study with other Christians ... Please send me the name and address of one or more contact persons in or near Arlington, TX. Thank you." ... "Please send me the names and addresses of the people who live in this area. Would like to know of someone who is searching the Scriptures for the truth. I have not been able to find them in the church. I appreciate THE EXAMINER very much. -- Garland, TX ... "I just read my first EXAMINER, and I was very surprised. This has been my conviction for some time now, that is, that we would be better off without buildings to fight over. I actually think that it suppresses spirituality rather than encourages it.., I would like to be put in touch with a contact in or around Longview, TX to be able to find out how I could meet in homes with others to worship... I would also like to receive THE EXAMINER. Also I would like to know how to get copies of past issues. Thank you... "We read your November issue that a relative received and we found your articles to be excellent! Look forward to receiving it ourselves. Praise God for your work." Georgia

"I would like to thank you for your effort concerning THE EXAMINER; it is edifying and encouraging." New Mexico ... "Keep up the good work. Thousands of people need the freedom message. Sounds like you are reaching more and more all the time." - Phoenix, AZ. . . "1 am writing to tell you to take us off your mailing list. We did not ask for THE EXAMINER and we do not wish to keep receiving it. Please do not send us anymore."-- New York ... "My prayers are that this note will find everyone in good health and spirits. Thank you ... for your tenacity and perseverance concerning God's word and His desires concerning us. You are encouraging your brothers and sisters in Christ to keep on keeping on in the face of hatred, adversity, spitefulness, loneliness, and self-doubts... THE EXAMINER is a means for us to not only reach so many pew-warmers, but is a means for us to stay in contact with each other, to exhort and encourage each other to know that we are not alone in our efforts to teach Jesus as He intended to be taught. To understand the Spirit and let him lead us and dwell within us -- To know the love that God has for us and that Jesus portrayed in His fife while He was on this earth... May God bless you and your staff and the writers for THE EXAMINER. -- Andrews, TX ... "Yours is .one of several papers I receive regularly. I must say that THE EXAMINER is by far the most 'hard hitting' and, at times, shocking of any I read. The THEOPHILUS and BROTHER FAIRASEE cartoons are especially revealing -- may God forgive us. I pray that only good will come from your efforts. Names and $$ enclosed. "-- Missouri