Dear Charles:

In cleaning up the year's finances, I find that I can make another contribution for the support of The Examiner, and from the wildly angry letters I have been receiving from Church males denouncing Paul's great liberating declaration, I believe more than ever the influence of The Examiner is needed.

I have been amazed at the biblical ignorance expressed in these letters, while encouraged by others saying my article ("The Gospel of Baptism," November 1990) was an eye-opener. Of course people have been victimized by the male bias dominating versions of the Bible. The Catholic Church in its origin chose to follow Aristotle in his view of woman rather than Christ and Paul. Thomas Aquinas systemized it all and passed it all on to Protestantism.

Most often thrown at me are 1 Cor. 14 and 1 Tim. 2. These blinded men don't have to know Greek to see that in 1 Cor. 14 Paul is talking about wives, not all women, and he was not imposing silence - How could he when in the same letter he spoke of women praying and prophesying - but was asking wives to be quiet and not interrupt prophesying husbands.

Even more amazing, these blind men fail to see that Paul in his private letter to Timothy was not dealing with worship in the assembly, but was expressing his concern to provide education of women in the faith - an orderly, prosaic task. This was revolutionary for no pagan religion at that time nor even Judaism had any role for women, and Christianity was radically different. The situation today is vastly different. In every congregation women are somewhat more formally educated than the men and are more attendant on and devoted to the cause. In spite of male bias and silly silence rules and frail descendants of easily deceived Eve, women are really ahead of the men.

I find that the average man does not know that the noun elder nowhere appears in the NT and that it is a work and not an office with certain powers belonging exclusively to that office. Somehow I wish we could get back to the wisdom of David Lipscomb and his associates.

Anyhow, Charles, you have your task cut out. - Norman L. Parks