he claims that some preachers (clergymen), and even some non-clergy, make about what can be found in the Bible never cease to amaze me. The above is the title of a 1987 book by J.R. Church, Oklahoma City, that he is trying to sell. It isone of the many "end-time is at hand" books. He claims that the description of the 1948 birth of Israel was given in Psalm 48! See how nice that fits and the numbers match up? Then he "saw" a reference to the 1917 capture of Jerusalem by the British in Psalm 17. How fitting! Also, he discovered a vivid account of the suffering of the Jews under Hitler (1939-1944) in Psalms 39-44! Fantastic isn't it how men numbered the Psalms is such a fashion as to match up like this? He claims that "God had pre-written the story of the Jews in the 1900's."

He claims the "twentieth century was described some 3000 years ago." Its uncanny details were hidden in the Psalms. Israel's 1982 war in Lebanon can be seen in Psalm 82! Where else would one look for such? He even avows that Psalm 83 even "names the enemies in that war."

He gets worse, if possible. "Parts of Psalm 87 are actually fulfilled this year (1987). The Babylon Music Festival held September 22 through October 22 was described in Psalm 87:4 and 7." Hence, that event is part of the fulfillment of Psalm 87.

The above is but a sample of the ridiculous claims made in this book. However, they are but typical of such claims as have been made through the centuries about the second coming of Jesus and the end of the world. Jerry Falwell has publicly declared that the second coming of Jesus will take place in the 1990's! He doesn't know anything about WHEN Jesus will come the second and final time! Nobody else knows "the day or the hour" when the Son of Man will come. When He was here on earth, Jesus said that He did not even know the time. Nobody knows when this time will come; certainly no one on this earth knows. There is nothing in God's word that clearly (or even in some subtle way) sets forth the time of our Lord's second coming and the end or complete destruction of this present world (cf. 2 Peter 3 and other related passages).

Gullible, scripturally ignorant people, and those looking for the sensational and the "latest word" on "the end-time events" seem to relish this kind of brazen, ridiculous perversion of Scripture. It is sad and such a shame.

I have read the Psalms a time or two in my years, but I decided to take another look, carefully. Well, what do you think I found relative to all these claims? This guy, along with Hal Lindsey and all the other false prophets of "end-time events", has my vote for the chief bunko artist and false teacher of the year. CAH