Seminars, retreats, hoot-nannies, rallies, and other gimmicks have replaced the gospel of Christ. Excitement is stressed far more than plain Bible preaching. Strong gospel messages are no longer the power of God unto salvation; they have been replaced by "positive thinking pep rallies." The underlying meaning is: Don't be blunt and call sin by its name; don't mention hell-fire and eternal damnation, for these topics are too negative!

Fifty years ago, when preachers preached the "gospel of Christ," the number of the saints grew by leaps and bounds just as it did in the first century. Sermons were powerful and to-the-point! No one misunderstood. Today, sad to say, emotional excitements have replaced this type of preaching, and WE ARE NOT GROWING!!!

In the Judgment, it will be interesting to hear the response concerning the "deeds we have done in the body." Author Unknown