An over zealous priest once visited an old woman on her deathbed. She had been converted from Roman Catholicism more than fifty years before, but her relatives were sure that the priest would "bring her back to the church" and have her accept the last sacraments so that she could be buried in a Roman Catholic cemetery.

The priest, too, was confident that he would be able to absolve her before she died,

"I have come to absolve you and give you extreme Unction," he told her. "What is that?" she asked him.

"I have come to forgive you your sins and to anoint you before you die."

"Let me look at your hands," she demanded.

Puzzled, the priest held out his hands which she examined closely back and front. Then she shook her head and said: "Sir, you are an impostor!"

"Impostor!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, sir, you are an impostor. The only man who can forgive my sins has the imprint of His crucifixion in the palms of His hands." - Converted Catholic Magazine