For Your Information


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) needs to be recognized by concerned Christians for its purposes and doings. It is a very active organization and gets involved in everything possible that will serve its objectives. Where does ACLU stand on vital issues? The following recently appeared in a newsletter published by Albert Long of Durham, NC. It was developed by Coral Ridge Ministries, Coral Gables, FL. This information is taken from the publication of the American Family Association . Tupelo, MS.

The ACLU supports the following:
legalization of child pornography
legalization of drugs
tax exemption for satanists
legalization of prostitution
abortion on demand
mandatory sex education
forced busing
ideological testing for court appointees
public demonstrations for Nazis and Communists
legalization of polygamy
The ACLU opposes:
voluntary school prayer
sobriety checkpoints
tax exemption for churches
religious displays in public
medical safety regulations and reporting
parental consent laws
educational vouchers and home schooling
governmental ethics committees
prison terms for criminal offenses
public demonstration for direct action pro-lifers
teaching "monogamous, heterosexual intercourse within marriage" in the public schools.