"I really enjoy and appreciate THE EXAMINER. The enclosed contribution is to help to continue publication. Please send the Simple English Bible. Ive given several to friends and they all like them." -- Atlanta, GA.

"I was talking with a cousin of mine the other day and she related to me that the preacher at her church for years had just been asked to resign - elders prerogative - nothing immoral, etc. She expressed that she didnt believe they have such prerogative. I told her I didnt believe elders had such power . . . At any rate, I told her I know a journal she should read - THE EXAMINER. Please send it to her" -- Georgia

"Please be so kind as to permanently remove our name from your mailing list If this is a 'subscription from someone, please cancel it. I want nothing to do with the opinions and attitudes presented in THE EXAMINER." -- Indianapolis, IN.

"Received my first issue of THE EXAMINER and really enjoyed it - especially the editorial on woman's role in spreading the gospel. Im sending to help with expenses." -- Missouri

"Please send Haileys Comments Vol. I and II - I love this mans works. Am thrilled with your ministry. May God continue to bless you." -- Arkansas.

"Greetings to you and all who work to keep THE EXAMINER rolling off of the presses and may God grant that you continue to tell it like it is. I am very grateful to be exposed to some points of view in print that I thought were exclusive to my way of thinking. I was glad to learn I was not the only one who recognized some of the errors being preached by the Church of Christ clergy" -- Texas

"I thank you so much for what you are doing with the Truth and Freedom Ministry. It was a wonderful experience to be at the Truth and Freedom Forum in West Memphis. I am enclosing a check for as we discussed on the telephone. I plan to send this amount each month unless something prevents me from doing so. It would be devastating to the Cause of Christ if THE EXAMINER were to ever need to close it doors because the money supply was not available. The force of people like you . . . and other writers and contributors to the paper are held in great respect by me. Therefore, my hope for you is good health and a long journey here in the time capsule." -- Tennessee.

"I searched the magazine for one good thing that was uplifting -- offered encouragement -- or would help me to live a better life or that would help one soul be led to Christ. I didn't find it. Do not send the paper to us anymore." -- Irving TX

"Thank you for the forum you and the Lord are providing for these discussions. May His Spirit indwell you richly; may you always speak in love; be courageous." -- Ft. Worth, TX.

"Our East Houston group got together for its first meeting with nine adults and a quiver of kids. We made the decision to leave the organized church for an alternate meeting in homes . . . And I want to thank you for putting into print what I had been feeling for many years, but was simply unable to express it. I now know clearly what this 'something wrong feeling is. The institutional church concept just does not work for me anymore. Lord, help me not to be judgmental towards those who wish to stay I will be the alternative for my area." -- Texas

"Speaking of being free, I have a good friend in the Church of Christ here who took time to read and examine what was being said in THE EXAMINER. The other day . . . he told me he could hardly stand to go to 'Church any more. He had not been for about two months and when he did go the references to 'Worship Services and 'The Lords Church really turned him off . . . He has finally seen that the institutionalized Church is nothing more than a conglomerate of Judaism, paganism, and man-made religion, and has nothing to do with the reign of King Jesus . . . Freedom, when it takes root, is a plant that grows rather rapidly. So, KEEP PLANTING!" -- Oklahoma

"I am a 'Church of Christ' member, take me off your mailing list. You need to study your 'Bible. Cancel THE EXAMINER." -- Long Beach, CA

"While visiting my brother in California he gave me two copies of THE EXAMINER to read. THE EXAMINER is the first magazine I have ever encountered that is dedicated to exposing the truths about what causes most people to drop out of or leave the 'C of C' denomination. I would appreciate being put on your mailing list; also, I would like any back issues you might still have. Would you send a copy to . . . and I am sending a small donation to help defray the cost of sending these." -- Virginia

"A friend of mine recently gave me a copy of your magazine THE EXAMINER. I would appreciate it very much if you would put me on the mailing list to receive it. Thank you so much for this service."-- Illinois

"An old copy of THE EXAMINER has come to hand (March 1990). I did not know such a publication existed. To say the least it is provocative! When I questioned some of my 'betters it was declared to be heretical. This always makes me suspicious. While not agreeing with some ideas advanced they are interesting and deserving of examination . . . I have read Mine Kampf -- I am not a Nazi! I have read Das Capital -- I am not Communist and I have read Origin of Species and am not a hard core evolutionist. I believe I can read your offering and not be a heretic. Please add my name to your mailing list. " -- Texas

"I have read only one copy of THE EXAMINER, but I found it very interesting. The thing I like most about it was it caused me to think about what I believe and why. There are things I have accepted as truth by the 'local assembly without studying for myself. I am excited about THE EXAMINER because it is turning me towards the word of God to see what is really being said. Keep up the good work." -- Bakersfield, CA

"Remove my name from your mailing list! You are going to have a lot to give account for!" -- Lindale , TX

"NO! Discontinue THE EXAMINER. Take my name off your mailing list. Your publication is a piece of trash. I wouldn't recommend it to my dog." -- Oklahoma City, OK

"May He continue to bless you as you enlighten the saints and may you only print as His Holy Spirit leads -- information that edifies and never destroys" -- Pennsylvania

Please remove my name from your mailing list. I think you are doing more harm than good to the church that Christ died for." -- California

NO! DO NOT! continue to send THE EXAMINER- (Poison). Please note: This publication is the absolute worse piece of trash to ever be sent to our home. After reading it in its entirety we can only pray that your work will be stopped by the intervention of God." -- Sherman, TX

"Dear Brother. I wish to thank you for the work you are doing. It has proved a great help in my study as well as that of my friends. God bless you all. " -- Texas (He sent 24 names for the paper -- Editor)