ccording to the One Nation Under God bulletin, there are 2,284 Church of Christ churches in Texas; the highest number for any state. Tennessee is second with 1,467; and Alabama is third with 905. I am not sure if that figure includes all the different sects of C of C churches. Probably not.

The Sycamore C of C church in Cookeville, TN, dreamed up this $17-million campaign with the name as above. $17-million is big, big bucks! When it comes to gathering up funds from others none of these churches are pikers; they go for broke!

If only 2,000 churches would each give Sycamore church $8,500 then that local church would have all that money for their great campaign. See how easy it is to get into the big money business? Sounds something like the Savings & Loan operation. This is the type of hype and show that through the years has squandered millions and millions of dollars that could have been used to preach the gospel and help the poor in third world countries where thousands are starving to death spiritually and physically! But no church has raised $17-million for that kind of need. C of C churches are not interested in such lack-luster programs as that.

And just what is this church going to do with the $17-million requested from all these other churches and well-meaning individuals? To be worth $17-million it should be an earthshaking, people-moving deal. Oh, can you believe it: they are going to send an 8-page (magazine size) brochure to every home in America! WOW! The impact of this is going to knock thousands and thousands to their knees and they are going to come running to join the C of C churches (or, is there just one true church?), wherein salvation is to be found!

Therefore, salvation is NOT in Christ Jesus! No! Modern C of C church preachers proclaim that Jesus built His church and only therein salvation is to be obtained! It should be noted that the word 'church" is to be spelled with a small "c" in order for it to be the one true church, even though all of these church institutions have the name spelled with a capital "C" on the sign board in front of the building! But rest assured that this "church of Christ" (or is it churches?) is the one and only church that belongs to Christ! -- CAH