GAMBLING YOUTH: According to a recent article in U.S. News and World Report, by Art Levine, just as teenagers are beginning to show signs of curtailing sex, illicit drug use and drunk driving, another destructive behavior, gambling, may become the teen vice of the '90s. Gambling has gained legitimacy as cash-hungry states have increasingly turned to lotteries, casinos, and other betting. New research points up the dangers this development poses to young people. The most popular forms of gambling among teenagers include betting on sports, card playing, lotteries, and slot machines. According to one survey, the teens with the worst gambling problems also abuse drugs and alcohol at the rate of 2.5 times higher than their peers. (6/18/90 issue)

SPECIAL REQUEST: Perhaps some of you can - and will - help me. I am concerned with obtaining any and all of the tapes of sermons by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. I will pay a reasonable price for the tapes. Brother Foy was at the top of my list of great preachers, and I have heard several in this category over the years. If you can help me obtain any of his sermons on tape I will be grateful. Please write me at the address of THE EXAMINER. -- Charles Holt

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BIG DECISION: To be decided by Methodists in 1992: whether God is a male or can be referred to in other terms. The UMC's highest judicial body ruled that the gender dispute must be addressed by the next Methodist General Conference.

RELIGION TAX: Thousands of East Germans rushed to have their names removed from church registries before a religion tax took effect with German unification. More than half the population was officially listed as having a religious affiliation (46% Protestant, 7% Catholic). Beginning January 1, every baptized East German will have to pay a religion tax equivalent to 9% of his or her income tax, as has been the case under West German law. The church tax is used by the government to help subsidize the country's churches.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM??: Soviet church people got it in writing this past October: by law, the government is now forbidden from interfering with religious activities, formally ending seven decades of persecution and repression. They also have a new law that prohibits the state from funding either religious or atheistic activities and propaganda.

GREAT RECIPE. Woman to neighbor: "I have the most marvelous recipe for meatloaf. All I have to do is mention it to my husband and he says, 'Lets eat out.'"


Your children are probably attending a "school" that teaches:
Whenever you are uptight or under stress, take a drink.
Expect sex to be the culmination of every successful courtship episode.
Live together before marriage.
Do not be judgmental about other peoples lifestyles, such as homosexuality.\
All religious people are either kooks or bigots, or both.
Cater to yourself first, always; you deserve the best.
The right looks, cars, clothes, cosmetics and recreational equipment determine your happiness and worth.
Television teaches those things, in sitcoms, nighttime dramas, daytime soap operas, even on game shows, and especially in its ads. According to some surveys, an average child spends 20-30 hours a week watching television, more time in his or her first 8 years than in "regular school" all 12 years. -- Preachers Talk

Let not the freedom of inquiry be shackled. If it multiplies contentions among the wise and virtuous, it exercises the charity of those who contend. If it shakes for a time the belief that is rested only on prejudice, it finally settles it on the broader and more solid basis of conviction. -- Henry Kirke White