One reads: "Like to be apart of a group based on the preterist perspective in joyful life and dynamic worship?" Sounds like being a part of this group is based upon belief in "the preterist perspective". Do you know what that "perspective" is? Probably not. In short, it is the belief that the literal and only second (and final) coming of Jesus, "the end of the world" (and they mean by that "it is all over!"), what they call "the resurrection of the dead" (which is not what you think it is!) along with all other "end-of-the-world" events fully happened in A.D. 70 with the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. Hence, if you hold "the preterist perspective" (that is, if you believe all of the above and all the other related doctrines in their "scheme of end-time things") you can fit right in with their interpretation of NT Scriptures. If you don't understand the preterist "scheme of things" you will be like a fish out of water: in the wrong place!

In the same paper another ad appeared: "Be part Of A Preterist Fellowship", offering that as an inducement for disciples to move to Pennsylvania. It also states: "We encourage freedom of opinion and reexamination of every issue in light of the preterist view... Also ask for names of preterist contacts in your area." (All emphasis mine cah.)

My limited experience with those who hold this "scheme of end-time events" proves that without accepting and understanding (?) this doctrine one will be totally lost in studying the scriptures with them. Like the Mormons study the Bible (?) from the "scheme of things" set forth by Joseph Smith; like the Seventh Day Adventists must read the Bible with the "scheme of end-time events" as set forth by Mrs. Ellen G. White; and the Christian Scientists must accept the explanation of Bible teaching as set forth in the "scheme of things" offered the world by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, so the preterist sect also has a "scheme" within which Scripture must be interpreted and understood. If you do not understand and cannot talk their "special language" you will be a "lost ball in high weeds" when they study the Scriptures. I know for I have been there.

Be sure to study Olan Hick's article on this subject in this issue of THE EXAMINER. CAH