here is no way that I can respond to, much less attempt to correct, the many attacks made against THE EXAMINER. Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc. (T&FM), or against me personally by the Church of Christ church clergy/preachers. Few, if any, of the attacks or reviews merit any response. Now and then there is an exception. Such a case appeared in the November 1990 issue of GOSPEL TRUTHS, under the heading of TRUTH AND FREEDOM RADIO?, written by one Ken McLemore . His article abounds in falsehoods.

This brother charges: "Charles Holts Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc. is going into the radio business in this state (Arkansas). That is Falsehood No. 1! Yes, I am doing the speaking on a 15-minute radio program each Sunday morning at 9:00-9:15 over station KLVR (1360 on AM and 92.7 FM) in Clarksville, AR. It can be heard up to 60-80 miles in some directions, Im told. We are into our 14th week of broadcasting.

There is not a particle of truth to the falsehood McLemore tells when he wrote that "Charles Holts Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc. is going into the radio business in this state." Here are the FACTS: T&FMI has nothing whatever to do with this radio program! And no funds for the radio program go into T&FM and none go out therefrom to pay for the program!

Falsehood No. 2: "He continues by soliciting funds for such programs, and says, 'it would be your work'." The truth is that I have not solicited any funds from any source or in any way for any radio program anywhere; and no funds have been sent to T&FM for any radio program.

Falsehood No. 3: McLemore charges: "First, let me observe that Holt launches this project under the auspices of Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc...." Why does he spew out these falsehoods? No radio program anywhere has been launched under the "auspices of" T&FM! None is planned: but it would be perfectly legitimate and scriptural should we ever do so.

Falsehood No. 4: In the last part of the above quote the brother charges that I claim that the radio program is "a part of this particular human institution [T&FM] in the same respect as he claims THE EXAMINER as part of that institution." The radio program is in no way a part of T&FM! Hardly anything the brother tells is true. Oh, he did get my name right.

Falsehood No.5: He charges: "Secondly, observe that the purpose of this program is to allow Charles Holt . . . to evangelize." The program is not just to allow Charles Holt . . . to evangelize." There are others involved in this good work. The credit goes to them for whatever evangelism takes place.

Falsehood No. 6: He writes, "Thirdly, observe that the effort is to be financed by contributions solicited in behalf of Truth and Freedom Radio. The word "falsehood" is hardly strong enough for that kind of mendacity! There are no solicitations of funds made at all; neither over the radio, through THE EXAMINER, nor in any other way!

Falsehoods No.7, 8, 9 and 10: McLemore tries to parallel T&F M with the Herald Of Truth radio program in four ways; but he is wrong on all four charges. There is no parallel at all on any of the points. Isnt it sad that anyone would stoop so low as to falsify in this fashion?

Falsehood No. 11: Our brother writes other falsehoods, such as: "Holts practice is one which seeks to activate the church universally through a human institution known as Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc." There is no truth what ever to that charge. (See later reference).

Falsehood No. 12: He keeps adding falsehoods. A full dozen does not cover them all. In this case he declares that T&FM "is an organized arm of Holt's concept of the New Testament church." Surely he wrote this out of ignorance. Informed readers know that I do not believe that there is any such thing in the NT Scriptures as a "concept of the NT church . "Oh, the word "church" is there in most translations, but it does not belong there. The word "church" does not translate the Greek word "ekklesia". Yes, the Lord's ekklesia -- His redeemed people is there for sure; but there is no such thing as a corporate "local Church of Christ" in Gods word. Jesus Christ is not the Head of an organization or corporate structure of any kind. He is the Head of all the redeemed people; those who have made Him their Lord and Master. All the saved, redeemed people constitute His ekklesia; and He has only one! Jesus did not die for an organization of any kind. The "church," of whatever brand or kind. is wholly from the will and wisdom of men.

Enough of this dealing with the ignorance and falsehoods of Ken McLemore. However, the appearance of McLemore's article in the GOSPEL TRUTHS paper reveals another sad situation. It tells us something about the editor, J.T. Smith. It confirms his public admission at Florida College in January (1990), that even though he has had two public debates with me, he still does not understand what I believe and teach. If he does know, then he should know that McLemore has not told the truth on this matter and should not have allowed this article of falsehoods to be printed in his paper. His honesty and integrity are at stake in this matter. Both men need to make adequate correction and publicly apologize in Gospel Truths. May God help them to have the humility and the love for honesty and righteous behavior to correct this great evil they have published.

One final word: The article by McLemore is but one of dozens of that kind that have appeared in various papers written by the hired, professional preachers. Note that it is preachers,.the C of C church clergy, who speak, write, and circulate such falsehoods to mislead the "people in the pews." The sad thing is that few, if any, of these preachers making these attacks really understand fully what I believe and teach. However, that does not keep them from their attacks against THE EXAMINER and against me personally. May God have mercy upon them and open their eyes and hearts before it is everlastingly too late. - CAH