November 1990   "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good." Vol. 5, No. 6
1 Thess. 5:21

Norman L. Parks

The Gospel Of Baptism

Charles Holt

The Resurrection Of The Dead

Five Years! Can It Really Be True?

The Last Word

Philip Schaff

They Had No Church Building

Art Thompson

Shepherds? Pastors?

Stanley L. Morris

Beware Of The Leaven!

Gaylon Embrey

Move Over Jesus

Roger Woodward, Jr.

Not Me, But A Pagan

Robert Hach

Churches & Cults (Part 2)

Bob West


Brother Fairasee

Sheryl Allen

Separating The Sin From The Sinner

Steven Clark Goad

First Place

Adison Martin

Spiritual Censorship

Frances Williams


AFA Journal

Paper Says Educators Have A New 10 Commandments

Christianity Today

Winning The Youth


If Drug Education Were Taught Like Sex Education


Thoughts On The Dallas Meeting

Paul Rogers


W. Carl Ketcherside

The Name Pattern

Gene Peacock

Ecclesia And Church

Cecil May

The Spirit Speaks Expressly