Sheryl Allen

n my first article I presented what I felt were some significant problems many Christians have in relating to the homosexual, particularly on separating the sin from the sinner and showing the love and respect we should show all human beings regardless of their spiritual state.

Now, I would like to address the issue that I feel often makes the above seem almost impossible ... the fact that a militant, vocal sector of the homosexual community has such political power in this country and is making great strides in being considered a "minority", demanding special privileges because of their sexual orientation. Discrimination is the favorite cry whenever they do not get what they feel they deserve as a "minority".

I have a real problem with this and it makes me angry when such a small percent of the population (it is believed that less than two percent of the U.S. population is homosexual) has such clout both politically and socially. The Seattle area has one of the largest homosexual communities in the country. For years, homosexuals have been invited to high schools and junior highs to present "an alternate lifestyle to our children. Now, they are invited to do so in the fourth grade. We must educate our children early in order to protect them from buying into this secular value system. Talk to your child and find out what is going on daily at school, keep those communication lines open. Many parents are unaware of what is being taught in the public schools simply because they can't conceive that anyone would be allowed to teach such things.

I personally believe one reason the homosexuals have been able to establish this power is because of apathy among the religious people in this nation. Yes, God is in control of all things but we have to live in this world and why not do what each of us individually can to make it better while we're here. Being a good steward of what God has given us is taught throughout the Bible; having spiritual freedom in Christ does not free us from physical responsibilities in this world. If possible, get involved in social and political issues where your walk with God will be apparent. (Opportunities to share the love of Christ with new acquaintances are always exciting.) The least you can do is keep up on elections and VOTE! I know it gets discouraging but one person can make a difference. I was guilty for years for being apathetic and just voting in the "big" elections, not the local ones. Well, locally is where it all begins and sometimes ends.

There are some excellent magazines published by religious organizations: Citizen (Focus on the Family, Pomona, CA): Concerned Women for American (Washington, D.C.) and The Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schafly). These periodicals will keep you informed of what is going on concerning education, pornography, Drugs, homosexuality and other things that threaten the American family. They also tell you who to contact if you want to have your voice heard.

If the trend continues, as people become more accepting of what they apathetically consider inevitable homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle it may become too late to reverse the trend. Loving the homosexual and teaching him the way to forgiveness in no way relieves the Christian from his obligation to kindly teach others that this lifestyle is sinful in God's eyes and cannot be condoned.

Naturally, prayer is a powerful key, always an avenue available to Christians for changing things in this world, God willing. One of my favorite stories is of the two little girls who were on the way to the bus stop when they saw the bus loading up in the distance. Fearful of missing the bus and being late to school, both agreed to pray. One little girl dropped to her knees and began praying while the other ran as fast as she could. The little girl on her knees cried out, "I thought we were going to pray!" "I'm praying while I run" exclaimed the other! Who do you think had the better chance of catching that bus?