Did You Know ... that an actual Blueprint has been prepared for setting up a World Government in case of the complete collapse of the present system ... ? A World Constitution has already been ratified, so claims The Omega Letter.

Did You Know ... The United States gives 4-Billion dollars a year to Israel, more than half of which is spent on the military, and with no interest charged? And they are not required to pay it back. The latest demand by Israel is that the U.S. give them the equivalent in weapons of war that the U.S. has agreed to sell to Saudi Arabia.

How Others See Some of The Preachers: Cartoon: Church members talking about their new preacher: "Six days a week he is invisible. On the seventh he is incomprehensible." - Preacher Talk

First Baptist Church of Atlanta voted to sell its midtown property for $43 million. The sale includes 14 acres except one parcel worth $5 million at an important intersection. The congregation of the 12,000 member church, led by popular TV preacher Charles Stanley, also approved plans for a $40 million new facility, including a 7,000-seat sanctuary and a 270-ft. steeple, in the northern suburb of Dunwoody. They are moving out of the inner-city where the greatest needs exist; likely where Jesus and His disciples would remain. One interesting question: Why would a 12,000 member church build a new building that will seat only 7,000? Why not build to seat at least 12,000? Could it be that they can expect that on each Sunday morning at least 5,000 members will not show up? How can those who claim to serve The lowly Jesus spend $40-million on such a facility? Of what real, eternal value is such a building? It will perish with the using. And can you imagine the cost of a 270-ft. steeple? What can it contribute to the work of the Lord? Oh, the vanity of men! Their folly shall face them judgment. It is all vanity and may well point out where the heart really is.

NOTES: "Fewer than 3% of England's populace attend church" ... Religiously, Saudi Arabia is one of the most-closed countries in the world to non-Muslims. The Saudis have banned all non-Muslim religious services and activities on their soil. U.S. military men and women must keep undisclosed all religious items and conduct religious meetings in secrecy.

The 800-member Metropolitan Community Church of Dallas, reputedly the largest homosexual church in the world, broke ground for a 1,200-seat Cathedral of Hope. The claim is that this church receives 50 new members a month and has three services on Sunday for "people who attend somewhat regularly." The callous flaunting of the false idea that God will accept "worship" from those practicing their condemned by God lifestyle, even in a Cathedral, is an effort at trying to force God to accept what He has plainly condemned.

Mark Your Calendar! The next scheduled Truth and Freedom Forum is scheduled for July 3-7, 1991, at the Ramada Inn in West Memphis, AR. Plan to be with us. It will give you a spiritual "lift", an emotional "charge", and a physical challenge due to the long hours of intense study of God's word, the loving fellowship, and sharing with one another.

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