"We would like to receive THE EXAMINER. I believe it will be a help to me and my wife, and to others we can influence. I appreciate the honest, godly dealing with vital Bible truth in the issue loaned to us by a friend." Washington

"Thank you for your open and honest look at God's word. Keep up the good work! Even though we don't fully agree with everything you print, we've been questioning the same sort of ideas that THE EXAMINER does for about eight years now. And it is great to know that we are not alone in our so-called "heretical" ideas." Maryland

"Take my name off your mailing list. You have no concept of what the Bible says. Have you ever read it?" Midlothian, TX

"No do not send THE EXAMINER to me. My time is better spent studying the word and working on loving people and having positive thoughts." Mesquite, NM

"Enclosed is $50 to help with the great work you all are doing. Please send two Simple English Bibles that I may pass on to honest people. " -- Tennessee

"It was an uplifting experience for us to attend the forum in West Memphis. We appreciate the work done by so many in all areas.

"We just want you to know that you can depend on us for $25 per month for the printing and mailing of THE EXAMINER. Enclosed is the July payment.

"Please take care of your health." --Nashville, TN

"Please continue to send me THE EXAMINER. I enjoyed my first issue.

"Please send me 4 copies of the July 1990 issue. I really enjoyed the whole paper and especially your front page article "Ekklesiolatry. " Missouri

"1 was given a copy of your May 1990 EXAMINER. It helped me understand some problems I have seen for many years in the C of C. Please sign me up for a subscription. A donation is enclosed. Thank you for your work and I praise God for men like you are speaking out for truth. " APO New York

"A small gift to carry on the work. May God continue to pour His grace and mercy upon you and the publication. HE is so good! Hawaii

Your July issue of THE EXAMINER is the best yet/ Keep up the good work. The article by C.K. on "The Money Pattern "is STILL ahead of its time for most of our people. I'm thankful that you and a few others were listening back in 1970.

"Truth is still truth even if it comes from strange sources like Madeline O'Hare." Illinois

"Thanks for sending us THE EXAMINER for about two years. We really appreciate the efforts of all who write the articles." Massachusetts ... "Please put my name on your mailing list and send me THE EXAMINER and anything else that you have to tell me about your ministry."- Fort Worth, TX ...... "May God's mercy and grace be multiplied on you, your family and all the writers of THE EXAMINER. This is a voice that needs to be heard by every believer in Christ. As I read recently, we need to listen to King Jesus and NOT King James! ...Here is a small amount to assist THE EXAMINER. I'll try to do this on a regular basis. You will be interested to know that beginning July 1, 1990, the congregation here will have an Aims box for contributions. Collections will no longer be a part of our assembly..." Illinois ...... "1 am again enjoying my most recent issue of THE EXAMINER. May God continue to direct you in this work. Enclosed is a small gift and the address of a friend who I would like to have receive the journal."

Hawaii ...... "1 just read a copy of THE EXAMINER. I was impressed by the openness and honesty of the articles. Could you please put me on the mailing list? -- Texas ...... "NO DO NOT continue to send THE EXAMINER. Not recommended for any true Christian." Texas ...... "/ have been reading your paper about two years and I want you to know how much I value your work, even tho I haven't been able to help with your support. Please accept this small gift with my thanks. I would like a copy of the NT you have and a book list if you have one ... My background is C of C with piano who call the C of C without the piano "Antis"... I went through leaving the C of C about a year before I started receiving your paper... Feel free to use me a contact person ... Colorado ...... "Send no more. Cancel. Cancel! CANCEL!! Tennessee

Dear brother Holt:

I have received THE EXAMINER for a long time now, and have searched diligently for some redeeming quality in it. Unfortunately its thrust still seems to be toward blasphemy of all that is holy and the destruction of our Lord's blood bought body.

Praying that you will repent of the great harm you are doing in making shipwreck of the faith of many, I ask that you remove my name from the mailing list of THE EXAMINER." Idaho

Dear Editors:

I really appreciate the Questions raised in THE EXAMINER. They caused me to think rather than become a "pewsitter." Study in the Scriptures has become more challenging and rewarding. I feel strongly that each individual must develop their own faith and convictions. And I have tried to teach that to non-believers and believers alike. (After all we are supposed to help bring everyone closer to Christ.) Although I have held these convictions for a good portion of my 'Christian' life, your publication has made my faith clear (Amazing how questions make faith alive while pat answers deadens it).

I pray that the "new breed" of believers will follow God's will to the end. There is much strife when you decide to follow God. Please send me three Simple English Bibles." Maryland

Dear Editor:

What a joy it is to know there are others who are willing to finally let it be known that they no longer will be slaves to "man's religion." My heart goes out to all these who have to sit in buildings for years and really never come to know the love and freedom in Christ.

I've been free for about five years and wondered for so long why I could not accept the teaching of the C of C (even though I was raised in "the church"). After much study and research I found out why. So much is miss-taught under the heading of 1st century "church" Christianity.

I enjoy your ministry and may it continue long. Enclosed you will find a list of names and a check for $100. Arizona