Radio psychologist James Dobson's Focus On The Family ministry has a 750-employee staff, a $63-million budget, a 1.9-million-name mailing list, several publications, and daily radio programs on 1,450 radio stations. The staff includes 19 licensed psychologists who handle "serious" cases of callers seeking counsel. They are seeking to move the Ministry corporate operation from the high-cost Southern California area to less-expensive Colorado Springs, CO.

Good News: Clarksville, AR Radio Program!! A fifteen-minute TRUTH AND FREEDOM radio program was started on August 5 on Radio Station KLVR (1360 AM and 92.7 FM) in Clarksville, Arkansas. It is heard each Sunday morning from 9:00-9:15. The station can be heard up to 60-80 miles. Charles Holt is the speaker. John Nelson, who lives in Clarksville, is the person responsible for the program. It will be locally handled and financed. Mail will go to a local P.O. Box.

Could this be the beginning of a growing number of TRUTH AND FREEDOM radio programs over the country? It could be. It will take some local leadership and the financial support from the saints in the city or area. It would be YOUR work. Give some thought to this effective method of reaching the people with the message of HIM who has provided TRUTH AND FREEDOM for all who come to Him! How about a Truth and Freedom Radio Program in your area? Are you interested?

APOSTACY: "...there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them" (2 Pet. 2:1). A recent issue of "Pulpit Helps" reported on a survey of 7,441 Protestant pastors. The results showed an incredible 51% of Methodists, 35% or Presbyterians, 30% or Episcopalians, and 33% of American Baptists did not believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus from death.

FALSE CHRISTS: "For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matt. 24:5). A Syracuse University study concluded that there are 2,000 practicing gurus posing as Christ. Billy Graham has noted that there are "at least 400 Christ impostors in Los Angeles alone." Another recent survey found that nearly 25 million North Americans have been swept into Christ-pretending cults. This does not include the millions of New Agers who have joined Shirley MacLaine in proclaiming "1 am God". - The Omega-Letter

Pat Buchanan writes in a column on Washington, D.C. (Washington Times, January 24, 1990): "Where the churches, black and white, once preached salvation, the necessity of living a Christian life, most are now given over to that degenerate form of Protestantism known as the Social Gospel. All the preachers are into politics. And, among their congregations, divorce, drugs, crime, abortion, are rampant, and two-thirds of the black kids are born out of wedlock. But the preachers have clout at city hall, and isn't that what the New Testament is all about?"

Graham collaborates with Catholics At the beginning of his ministry in the late 1940s, Dr. Billy Graham warned against Roman Catholicism. Today, however, Catholics actively participate in the planning and promotion of his crusades, and are used as counselors, with converts from Catholic backgrounds being referred to their local priests (3-4/90 Foundation). Graham has praised the Pope, and has met with him twice. At a 1/90 meeting, the Pope complained to Graham about "aggressive evangelicals trying to draw Latins away from the Catholic faith." (6/18 CT). Graham downplays doctrinal differences and does not denounce Romanism's false gospel. Calvary Contender, July 1,1990

Study says smokers kill non-smokers.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

June 26, 1990

Compiled from News Services.

WASHINGTON -- About 3,000 non smokers die annually from lung cancer as a result of breathing others' tobacco smoke, says a study releasedd Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency.

It says second-hand smoke could be listed officially as a known cancer-causing agent.

The study is still in preliminary form and has not been evaluated by the EPA's science advisers. The main trade association of the tobacco industry was quick to criticize it.

The Tobacco institute said an analysis by the EPA's Science Advisory Board was "likely to significantly undermine the very basis of this draft."

(RNS) Following a recommendation of the U.S. bishops, the Vatican has granted permission for the archbishop of Anchorage, Alaska, to delegate nuns and lay persons to perform marriages. (February 9, 1990)