n the March 1990 issue of the Gospel Truths published by J.T. SMITH, the following notice appears under the heading of "Editor's Meetings":

I am scheduled to be with the Fletcher Ave. church of Christ in Tampa, FL March 11-16. Each wee night I will be speaking on Charles Holt's views on the church and the eldership. We encourage all in that area to come and be with us.

How about that? I am really flattered to be the subject of at least five nights of preaching by J.T. Smith! It appears that they have pushed Jesus Christ into at least second place! I was given top billing! Five nights given to just "preaching Charles Holt" and his views on the church and elders. Wow! I wish I could have been there.

I did write to H.E. Phillips and the other elder and offered to come and participate in the preaching and discussing of Charles Holt. I know a little about the subject and likely could have contributed something worthwhile to the "speaking on Charles Holt's views", which is so important to them that they dedicated five nights to covering it. The elders did not accept my invitation to participate, as expected. Wonder why? Perhaps if the subject-person had been there to participate in the discussion it could have really messed things up for them.

Here, too, is another vital factor that should be known, relative to Smith and the Fletcher Avenue church rulers: During the "Open Forum" at Florida College, J.T. stood up before that audience and among other things said the following: 'I have had two debates with Charles Holt and I still don't understand what he believes." Imagine that confession, yet he puts himself forward as "expert" enough to spend five nights of "speaking on Charles Holt's views on the church and the eldership!" Isn't that amazing? It is ridiculous and shows the depths to which our preacher-clergy will stoop to try to destroy the truth we are proclaiming in The Examiner. They are fearful because the people in the pews are beginning to understand and many are coming out of their fear of and slavery in the local corporate church institution, with its Eldership/clergy control. Praise God!

At least, if that church or any other wants to spend five nights "speaking on Charles Holt's views on the church and the eldership," the Rulers should at least get someone who understands what Charles Holt teaches. Smith doesn't and publicly said so! - CAH