I've enclosed your card to continue sending The Examiner and also to please send it to another person. With the card I've enclosed some money. I know this isn't much, but I hope to send more later.

Thank you so VERY much for your openness and willingness to seek for truth. I read the negative letters sent to your publication and wonder "Why?" I'm just so happy that you're not afraid to confront issues and people in love. If people feel threatened because they feel uncomfortable, I truly feel worry for them.

All I know is that Jesus wanted us to know truth; and to know truth, you have to know HIM not just intellectually, but on a personal level of intimacy. I also know that Jesus never skirted around issues or people He always dealt directly with the situation. In fact, He died because people did not want to change they wanted to feel comfortable in their power, status, etc. When you stop changing, you die. I hope I never stop changing into His "glorious image".

Please don't feel discouraged we appreciate your publication and your work so much. "Press on toward the mark?--Texas