I'm enjoying reading the "Examiner". It exposes much, much false teaching and men's ideas. Keep up the good work. Enclosed you will find check to keep the paper rolling. God bless you. --Mississippi

No, I do not want The Examiner. Please do not send any more to me; take my name off your mailing list. --Alabama

Please send me Volume I and II of Halley's Comments and a list of all other study materials you might have available. Along with the note is a check for $75. Please have perseverance in the face of all the harassment that I know you are getting. We pray that you will continue to fight sin as we know the reward is waiting for you. Hope to meet you in the future. Needless to say, you are constantly in our prayers.

Your newspaper is a ray of light, a ray of much needed truth! Thank you, Thank you for printing what is on our hearts here in...-- Oklahoma

NO, I do not want to continue to receive The Examiner. This publication is garbage. Take my name off your list immediately and do not send any more copies to me, I have already notified the post office of your offensive material. ---Arlington, TX

Please remove my name from your mailing list. I did not authorize you to send your magazine to me! - Texas

If a special issue of The Examiner is put out as indicated by Bro. Thompson, please make sure I get one. Please use the enclosed to further help me and others examine our practices to be sure they are not just traditions. --Oklahoma

Enclosed find a long overdue contribution to the work of The Examiner. I have benefited greatly which has in turn benefited others who have been willing to listen and study Scripture for truth.

I thank you all, and of course God Himself, for being men of courage and willing to follow where led; even at great personal sacrifice. Our prayers are with you all who contribute to making The Examiner what it is.

Again, thank you so much for helping this pilgrim find some "truth" that has been hidden right under my very nose/

Please direct me to Contact people in this area. God bless you all/ ---Washington

Thank you so much for printing The Examiner! Due to your publication and other material I've come across m my studies, my eyes have started to open to the true meaning of Christianity, your love for God and others. -- Arkansas

Please take my name off your mailing list for The Examiner. Reason: That you would talk to Madeline O'Hare about how to do away with what you call the "Corporate Church". This says a lot to us as to what you' re trying to really do.-- Oklahoma

I have been receiving The Examiner for several months and have mailed them to some of my understanding brethren. Somebody must have stepped on your toes as your last Examiner was a little more dogmatic.

Enclosed is a check to help with your expenses and I would appreciate this contribution being kept anonymous...

Keep up the good work and maybe you will be a voice in the wilderness.