The Denison (TX) Herald, February 14, 1990, carried a front page write-up about a lawsuit filed against the 7th and Beech Church Christ in Durant, OK. The suit was filed by Dr. Stanley Morris, a recognized linguist and Bible translator, who translated the New Testament into Chinese in a four-year project sponsored by the Durant church. The libel suit has been filed in Superior Court of Connecticut, where Dr. Morris lives.

Named as additional defendants in the suit are Ken Stegall, Pastor of the Durant church, and two elders, Don Haggerty and Charles Villinees.

The 7th and Beech Church, aided by other churches across the nation, provided more than $100,000 in funding for the research project that culminated with the first printing of a Bible in Chinese within China since 1919.

Dr. Morris contends his contract called for him to receive a 10 percent royalty, but the church dumped him and is attempting to use his translation. Morris alleges the only role of the Durant church was to raise the funds from within its own congregation and solicit more financial help from other Churches of Christ. The suit alleges that five members of the Durant church tried to wrest control from him (Morris) in the middle of his research by demanding that $100,000 be returned so they could go ahead with the production and distribution.

Morris' suit contends he tried to meet with the congregation of the church, but the pastor and elders refused to allow it and also refused to meet with him.

The Durant church has charged Morris with the misuse of funds, but two audits have failed to show any misuse, according to documents filed by Morris. - All information above taken from the Denison (TX) Herald.