"There Is Another Testament of Jesus Christ" so asserts The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" in full-page ad in a recent issue of Reader's Digest.

In this ad the baseless claim is made, that:

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ contains the account of His appearance in ancient America following His resurrection."

The above is part of a clever fabrication that has deceived thousands. Along with other such perversions of history and false claims, many have been deceived into acceptance of the Mormon religion.

In this ad the claim is made that:

"There are two records of the Savior's divine mission. You have the Bible. Now you can have the other testament of Jesus Christ."

Subtle, but deceptive, are these assertions. The Mormon religion is the result of the delusions and deceptions of one Joseph Smith and his associates. It has an attractive appeal on the surface, but an in-depth examination of the history and all the facts will show conclusively that it is totally of human origin. The Book of Mormon is not "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." It is a lie! "Be not deceived, God is not (to be) mocked" with such false teaching. W.W. Wow