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* TRUTH AND FREEDOM FORUMS FOR 1990: The first one is scheduled for July 4-8 at the newly-remodeled Ramada Inn, West Memphis, AR. (See additional information inside this issue). Come and be with us.

A second Forum is scheduled in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at the Airport Holiday Inn, Irving, TX. It is set for October 5-7. Make your plans to attend.

* NOTES AND POINTS: 1) PLEASE notify us immediately if your address is changing or has changed. Thanks! ... 2) REMEMBER that the views expressed in this paper by any writer are his/her own and not necessarily those of the editor or any other writer ... 3) It is a pleasure to welcome a large number of new readers who are joining us with this issue. If you did not send in your own name, then someone else did it, thinking that you are concerned with the truth of God and that you have an honest and good heart willing to examine carefully what is set forth in this publication. You will receive the paper on trial basis for six issues. Your name will be automatically dropped from the list after this trial period if you do not return a card (found in each issue) requesting it to continue ... 4) Jerry Falwell announced on a November 26, 1989 broadcast that what is happening to communism in Eastern Europe is a sign that Jesus will return during the 1990's. The Christian News. (Falwell has made another wild guess, which is all it is, about the Lord's second coming. He has no knowledge or information from any source that gives any certain indication about this matter. Why do such men keep setting forth their baseless opinions on this subject?) ... 5) One man's opinion: "I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in Boston's telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University." William F. Buckley ... 6) Recommend: Journal of the American Family Association. This magazine would be of value to any Christian who cares about morality and the evils that threaten it. It will inform you in areas that are important and tell you what is going on. A Methodist preacher is the founder and editor. Send S15 to AFA Subscription, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803 for a 1-year sub; then read and learn about some of the subtle and not so subtle evils confronting both young and old ... 7) Reflect on this wise observation: "Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence." Question: Are you remaining silent when you should be speaking out? It is cowardly, you understand? ... 8) White-collar crimes in the USA: On an average day, these legal actions are taken: 3 Government officials are indicated for some crime; 9 arbitration cases are filed against stockbrokers; 35 U.S. citizens are arrested on charges for embezzlement, and 957 U.S. citizens are arrested for fraud USA Today ... 9) If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.

* A Slip of the Pen or a Belief of the Heart? Quote: "I love the church above all things...", so wrote a well-known older preacher in one of the papers (Firm Foundation). That should tell us what he puts first in his preaching. Did he mean to claim that he loves "the church" above God and the Lord Jesus Christ? Preachers employed and/or financially supported by "the church" may have reason to "love the church above all things." It is very sad to see what the institutional church error has done to us.

* Porn prompts sexual attacks

A 10-year-old Santa Clara, California, youth was recently arrested for an alleged series of sexual attacks on his playmates who ranged in age from four to 10.

Police said the child was emotionless while describing the assaults that allegedly occurred in parking stalls and in a laundry room starting four months earlier. The youth said he learned about sodomy from pornographic magazines. Associated Press, September 14, 1989