Which are you? Eagle or Parrot?


Text: Isa. 40:31

Content to sit safely on our perches and repeat our religious words, we are fast becoming over-populated with bright-colored Parrots, having soft bellies, big beaks, and little heads.

What would help to balance things out would be a lot more keen-eyed, wide-winged Eagles, willing to soar out and up; to explore the limitless ranges of the kingdom of God.

Parrot people are much different than Eagle thinkers. They like to stay in the same old cage, picking over the same old pan of seeds and listen to the same old words over and over again until they can say them with ease. They like company, too, with lots of attention, a scratch here, and a snuggle there, and they will stay on the same old perch for years. You and I can't remember the last time we saw a Parrot fly. Parrots like the predictable, the secure, and the strokes they get from the Mutual Admiration and Status Society (MASS).

Ahhh - but not so with Eagles. There's not a predictable pinion on their wing. They think they love to think! And they are driven by an inner urge to search and discover and learn. That means they are courageous and tough-minded! Eagles are willing to ask the hard questions as they pass by the routine, in vigorous pursuit of truth whole truth: the deep things of God, fresh from the celestial heights.

Unlike the intellectual, impoverished Parrot, Eagles take risks, because they hate anything that comes from a picked over pan of seeds. They don't want the boring, dull, repetitious, and dry.

Too harsh you say? Well, you decide. Who are the Eagles today? Who are those who forge out creative ways of communicating the truths of scripture: 1) so that it's more than a hodge-podge of borrowed thoughts, 2) rehearsals of the obvious, 3) and which tend to paralyze the critical faculties of the active mind?

My friend, Eagles are independent thinkers! It's not that they abandon the orthodox faith or question the authority of God's inherent word. It's simply that they are weary of being told, "Stay on the perch and repeat after me!!" They discover for themselves. They are on a quest. They are on a mission. Eagles have built4n perspective. They're sensitive. And this leaves room for fresh input that's not glazed over by too much use.

Let's turn our eyes toward the future! Let's spread our wings and soar above the highest peaks! Let's find resources from the living God to confront a hostile, sad, and lonely world. WE NEED MORE EAGLE THINKERS TODAY! Author Unknown