Readers Respond

"We are sending a check for $25 to help you with the publication of THE EXAMINER." Ohio "Words can't express bow excited I was (and always am) when I went to the mailbox and found my January copy of THE EXAMINER. I need to do better about contributions and hopefully, I will." Mississippi ...... "Keep up the good work. Make us think about Jesus and His work." Michigan ...... "We are enjoying our assemblies. We feel as if a burden has been lifted." Texas ...... "Please put my name on your mailing list to receive your Newsletter entitled THE EXAMINER. A brother of mine ... had introduced me to your November 89 Newsletter and I found it most edifying. Keep up the good work. New York ...... "This is to thank you for including free to me the books Free In Christ and Is Baptism Essential To Salvation? ...... Your work is a great benefit to many people. I notice some preachers are truing up some of their concepts in the pulpit, especially about the time THE EXAMINER comes off the press. Thank you again." Tennessee

"We have received two of your papers, THE EXAMINER. The first one I scanned through it but with the second one I read from cover to cover and I must say I couldn't believe some of the things I was reading. I pray the good Lord will be merciful to you on the day of judgment for condemning so severely the very thing He died for. I must ask you please take our name off your mailing list. "-- Oklahoma

"I enjoy reading THE EXAMINER and think you have brought to light some very interesting ideas since you began this work. I can't say that I agree with all that is written in your paper but I think the issues discussed are long overdue for examination. 1 have enclosed $15 to help with the publication and distribution COSTS.

I would like to meet with other readers of your paper. You may forward my name to your contact list, or send me a list I can work from .... P.S. Please note that though my last name may be familiar to you, I am not a preacher and have no desire to expose the folks on your list of contacts. I would like very much to study with people who like myself question our traditional methods. "California

"Enclosed is our check to support your work. In my opinion, your paper bas more truth in it than the sermons I've heard in a month of Sundays. We will be sending the checks twice a month to help you.

"As to all the criticism being heaped upon you, well, people have been sold an institutional 'crutch 'for so long that the prospect of being without it is very frightening to most of them (or us). For us of the 'Church or Christ' upbringing, the idea that nothing stands between us and God, not even a church, is foreign. That does not change the truth of the matter, however, and we need to comprehend the truth and act on it.

"Keep up the good work. It is needed desperately in this collective age. In love and support, " Texas

"I find it difficult to put into words how I feel about THE EXAMINER. Please continue sending it to us. So far our eyes have been opened to a lot of junk going on in our church and in our own lives. We are making some major changes, and we appreciate the advice and encouragement from your publication.

"Can you tell us who submitted our names to you? If not, please write to them to say "Thank you" from us. We've enclosed a card with three families who just might enjoy THE EXAMINER as much as we do. Please send to them. I hope that they will all support your ministry as u,e do with the enclosed check." California

"We wish you the very best of continuing good health after your heart attack. And we pray for your long life that you may keep up your good work of getting people to think for themselves.

"Enclosed is our check for $50 to help with expenses.

"For obvious reasons, do not use my name."

"Dear Editor.' I enjoy reading THE EXAMINER. I am also Catholic. The article, 'Modern Eldership - The Pope' was very distributing. As you can see, my bishop (elder) has not forbidden me from reading your publication. Catholics regard their Church as a moral teacher. When books, movies, etc. are forbidden, it is because it's the judgement of many theologians (not a handful of local elders) that these books, movies, etc. may provide either temptation to sin, a false religious understanding, or a challenge to faith that he is' not prepared to handle. Smut is smut and the Church has no problem labeling it as smut. My Church does not pass forms around for me to sign saying to cancel my subscription to THE EXAMINER or any other publication.

"Instead of spending so much energy Catholic bashing, more intelligent articles will be appreciated. To compare the Church of Christ (and its lO0-year history of splits due to bruised egos) to the Catholic Church shows a lack of understanding of the Catholic Church. I suggest you consult with a priest or lay Catholic about the Church.

"The Church of Christ is well-known for its hatred of other denominations. Please don't turn your publication into more of the same."

(Editor's Note: I appreciate this letter very much. It is apparently written with a good spirit, even though about as critical of our efforts as she thinks we are of others. 1 like this lady, whom 1 have never met/1 am impressed with her openness and ability. In the next issue, I may respond more directly to some of the things that she presents for our consideration, because it may benefit all of us, including her. May God bless her. CAH