Major Question For Church of Christ Churches

In the November 1989 issue of the Christian Chronicle, Bailey McBride discusses the subject of how to "market the church to our generation." Just like any other corporation in business, the church must be marketed to our generation, according to this brother. He says some "local congregations still rely on the gospel meeting to tell the community about the church." Also he says that "local congregations continue to use media to make the church known (emp. mine, cab) in the community. Also, "many churches have discovered that they can best promote the identity of the church through a weekend series like Marriage encounter or a special workshop on marriage and parenting."

Did you notice what our brother features as the thing that is to be "marketed" to the world, the thing that the world needs? The emphasis is upon "the church", not Jesus Christ. The church is primary, the focal point, the answer, the thing that the world needs in order to be saved! The church is to be "marketed" or sold to the world. Why? Does the church save? Is salvation to be found in the local Church of Christ church? Must one become a member of some local Church of Christ to be saved? Was the Eunuch a member of some local church, a "marketable church", after he was baptized by Philip?? When the Eunuch got to his home, do you think that he was concerned with telling others about the church or telling them about the Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior? The church does not save and salvation is not in any church of any kind!!

The emphasis of the good brother tells us where the problem really is. The Church of Christ churches feature and promote "the local church" rather than Jesus Christ. "The church" does not save and salvation is not found in the church. In reality, there isn't such a thing in the New Testament as the modern sect called the Church of Christ.

"In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace, which He lavished upon us." - CAH