Did You Make A Vow? "When you were baptized you made a vow to God to attend every service of the Church," so the Pulpit Minister told the members of the church where he is employed. Some who heard it witness to this fact. Did you know that when you were baptized that you were making such a vow? What other vow do you suppose you made? Oh, it was certainly one to this effect: A vow to faithfully "lay by in store in the local church treasury every first day of the week," and the second law' of giving that goes with it that you will be sure to make up any contribution that you missed when not in attendance! So goes some of the laws of men. Do you obey men rather than God?

I Repeat and Emphasize: Name one essential requirement to be or make a denomination that is not true of the Church of Christ church (and there are several separate, alienated sects included under that exclusive name or denomination!) and the Independent Christian Church church. Each of these denominations claims that it is the one and only true church that Jesus supposedly established. The NT Scriptures say nothing about a religious organization of any name or kind. If the Greek word ekklesia had been correctly translated, rather than substituting the word church, we likely would not have any churches in the world today. However, I am quite certain that there would have been many man-made religious organizations such as we have today, but not likely called churches. There is only God's holy, redeemed people, the individual disciples, who related directly and individually to their one Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. The church is from men, not God.

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VATICAN WARNING: Eastern meditation techniques may be hazardous to your spiritual health, according to a 25-page document produced by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope John Paul I1. Saying some aspects of Hindu Yoga, Buddhist Zen, and Transcendental Meditation are incompatible with Christian teaching, warning Catholics that the practices are not a substitute for prayer, should not be confused with a relationship with God, and could lead to "moral deviations." This is a needed warning for many people who are uninformed or misinformed about these Eastern teachings and practices. Many of the advocates and teachers of such are deceptive in what they publicly write or say about these insidious, dangerous teachings. Even businesses and government (nearly always gullible) have been invaded with these false teachings. The Catholic Church is right in this warning. Take it to heart.

Nature of the Kingdom A disciple asked Jesus to intervene in a dispute he and his brothers were having over their inheritance. Jesus refused to take part, declining the position of "judge and divider over you" (Luke 12:13-14).

A constant source of misunderstanding among his followers and of conflict with his enemies was Jesus' refusal to accept temporal authority or an earthly kingdom. Modern premillennialism continues that same misunderstanding and conflict. Premillennialists think the Jews were right, that the kingdom was to be of this world, that Jesus was just not able to accomplish what he came to do, but will still do it. when he comes again.

The fact is, Christ's reign was never intended to be temporal or earthly. Cecil May, Jr.