HOW MANY? Yehuda Bauer, a Jewish historian and director of Holocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute of Contemporary Jewry, says that far fewer people, including far fewer Jews, died at Auschwitz than is commonly reported. At Auschwitz it is inscribed in stone that four million people died in the Nazi camps. Bauer says far less than half that number died. Only a portion of them were Jews.l (Christian News, 12/4/89) Figure it out for yourself. According to the American Jewish Year Book, there were some 4,239,200 Jews in all of Europe which fell under Nazi control. 4,000,000 have come forward to collect financial reparations from Germany because of alleged persecution, which leaves 239,200. Many of these went to Israel and the USA. Even 200,000 dying in concentration camps is tragic, but it's less than five percent of the 6,000,000 hoax. Christians and thousands of dissenters also died in the camps. The Witness