There was a short article under the above heading in the November 16, 1989 issue of the Guardian of Truth. The writer is very upset with THE EXAMINER, but more so with many of the brothers and sisters in his sect of the Church of Christ churches who are reading this paper and apparently accepting what is taught herein. He is filled with "dismay". He refers to the paper as a "bag of half-truths, misconceptions and delusions." He asserts that "any Bible student can easily see through the facade of 'truth and freedom' advocated in this paper." He appeals to those in his sect who "support and endorse this false teaching."

He says he is "more disappointed in some of my brethren than I am in the teaching of this false doctrine." It seems that it is our Readers Response page that gives him trouble. He writes: "What does shock me is the alarming number of brethren who are either partially or wholeheartedly supporting (verbally and financially) this false teaching." He definitely has reason to be concerned and if he only knew how many are accepting these truths, he would really be fearful and shocked.

He says: "There are not only individuals, but whole households and entire congregations that have been over turned by the evil and deceit of this false teaching." The preachers are taking note of the effectiveness of THE EXAMINER in reaching the disciples with the truth on these vital matters. Let us pray that the Lord will open the eyes and hearts of thousands more. Please help us reach out to others by sending the names and addresses of Christians (as many as you can) to whom we can send this paper. Let's give everyone possible the opportunity to examine for themselves what is offered herein. CAH