The story is told of a man who took a tour of Palestine.

Riding on a tour bus one day the driver and tour guide was directing everyone's attention to points of interest and explaining cultural differences.

He proudly explained that shepherds in Palestine are different from shepherds in other cultures. In Palestine, shepherds lead their flocks and the sheep trustingly follow the shepherd to safe pasture and restful waters.

As they were driving through the countryside, they came upon a man with a flock of sheep. To everyone s surprise the man was scrambling along behind the sheep. He was yelling, throwing stones and driving the sheep over the rocks and dangerously close to the steep embankments of the road.

Embarrassed, the tour guide stopped the bus and got out. Within the hearing of the crowded tour bus the tour guide began shouting up to the man, upbraiding him.

"What are you doing," the tour guide shouted. "I've been telling these tourists that shepherds in Palestine lead their sheep and here you are driving these poor creatures, throwing things at them and cursing. What kind of shepherd are you?"

The man looked down at the tour guide with contempt and shouted, I am not a shepherd. I AM A BUTCHER!"

Submitted by Annie Marion, Seattle, WA