ELDERSHIP CONTROL: At this corporate church no one is allowed membership therein without first going before the Board of Elders for a screening interview. That is the policy and it is adhered to rigidly. On this Sunday morning the preacher concluded his sermon with the "invitation" to come forward if anyone had any need lo do so. One man "went forward" and in his private conference with the preacher, he said that he wanted to "place his membership with this church. This put the poor preacher in a bind. He could not handle that situation and welcome this Christian as one of them. Hence, he had to tell the audience the situation and explain that the man must first meet with the elders to determine if he was qualified to "join" that church; and if he is approved, it would be announced later.

The poor man will be in "limbo" until this vital matter is settled! Let's hope that membership in a local church organization is not essential to serving God and going to heaven. Of course, it is not!