Readers Respond

"I received a copy of THE EXAM1NER and have found it refreshing to find others that hold views similar to mine. Sometimes 1 feel members of the Church of Christ have stopped studying the Bible and are relying on the doctrine prescribed by the preacher and elders. Please continue to send THE EXAMINER to me. Thank God for your courage in publishing the paper. " Atwater, CA

"Really enjoyed the September issue. Things have heated up for me around here. l'll jot down some more details when I get time. 7here are a few doors still open here for me, so I'm hanging with it. Contribution enclosed; hope it will help." Georgia

I appreciate the paper which a friend requested for me. The Sept. 89 issue, page 27, is exactly what 1 have been thinking for years but did not dare mention to anyone! Keep up the good work. Arkansas

"Please find enclosed a check for $50 to help with publishing THE EXAMINER. I received the NOV. 89 issue yesterday and have already devoured every word. What a blessing it is to have brothers and sisters with the courage to speak out on so many practices of the %'hutch' that I have questioned for so many years ... Until I started receiving THE EXAMINER, I thought I was the only one questioning what I was seeing happen to the C of C: therefore I was beginning to question my own convictions. Thank you for letting me know that l am not alone.

"1 would appreciate a copy of The Simple English Bible to use in my studies and will endeavor to help you financially when possible." Texas

"After reading and studying two issues of THE EXAMINER. I definitely feel you folks are trying to do what I Thessalonians 5:21 tells us we must do. Please start my subscription and I am also interested in receiving any back issues that are available. Who are the contact people for my area and since I visit in ..., Texas area, who could 1 contact there? Please accept the small contribution enclosed to help publish the paper. " Mississippi

"Please place my name on the mailing list for THE EXAMINER. Also please send the latest issue of the magazine. I have read copies and enjoyed it very much." Tennessee (A preacher.)

"Your publication consistently zero's in on the real problems of 'Churchanity'. Keep it up. Missouri

"Please take my name off your mailing list now." Lubbock, TX

"We would like to receive THE EXAMINER. I believe it will be a help to me and my wife; to others we can influence. I appreciate the honest, godly dealing with vital Bible truth in the issue loaned us by a friend. Thanks." Washington

"No/STOP sending this trash to me! Decatur, TX

"Editor.. Although I do not agree with everything 1 read in your publication I do enjoy reading it nonetheless. It is always good to listen to other viewpoints. It makes you search the scriptures all the more earnestly. I would very much like to continue receiving THE EXAMINER and I would request that you change my address on your mailing list. Alabama

"Please! Please! PLEASE! Do not send this publication to my home. Please/ Lubbock, TX

"Don't send another issue o/ that wicked paper, called THE EXAMINER, TO ME." Washington

"Use the enclosed check to keep THE EXAMINER in print indefinitely. We get several publications, but yours is the most thought provoking. Our prayer is that people will study their Bibles more and find Christianity instead of Churchanity. Keep up the good work. "-- Ohio

"Enclosed is a check for $250 to help cover some of your expense in publishing 'The Examiner'. I realize it takes money to publish the paper, and I admire the way you're funding the effort. Keep praying that God will bless the paper with the funds to operate and never put a subscription price on it. I sincerely believe that greed gets bold of man), good Christian people and forms them into false prophets'. Without outside funding you can keep 'telling it like it is'.

"Your paper is well received by some because 1 have some friends that tell me they read 'every' article as soon as they get the paper in the mail. Others have told me bow they appreciate me putting them on the mailing list.

"The fellowship you have encouraged among those who have been reading your paper is certain to be very special. 1 am in fellowship now with several Christians who have come out of denominations. We have open Bible study each week for 2-3 hours and enjoy every minute. Since I feel sure that eventually my lot will be with them ('because I will be disfellowshipped by the congregation I've gone to some 30 years) 1 would like the name of an organizer in my area. l feel like we might be able to help each other in some way since he must be a courageous person.

Once again, thank you for your efforts." Kentucky