Modern Eldership - The Pope

In Texas at one church, when the Eldership learned that a sizable number of the members were receiving THE EXAMINER, this papal body was determined to stop the members from getting it. They developed a form requesting that THE EXAMINER be stopped at once. There was a place for each person to sign his/her name. On Sunday they went to each adult Bible class and warned them not to read the paper, giving their condemnation of it. They passed out the forms and told the people to sign to be removed. So the sheets were signed obediently by many getting the paper. This is a type of intimidation and power control over people that is often seen in the organizations of the world. Who dared not to sign with the elders putting on such pressure and checking to see that everyone did? If one refused to sign, such a one would be a "marked" person, subject to receiving proper attention from the lords of the church.

I don't think that everyone who receives the paper signed to stop it, but a number did. Of course, we removed those names. The people in the pews have lost all personal rights in the local institutional church. Thus the Eldership moves more and more into the role of a complete tyrant over the lives of the docile, subservient, voiceless members. The Eldership now tells them what they can and cannot read even in their own homes! The Eldership is joined in this endeavor by the hired Pulpit Minister. Shades of Roman Catholicism!


In Texas again. A brother in a small town sent in a number of names of members where he attends to receive THE EXAMINER. The Eldership learned of this and figured he was the one who had done such a terrible thing. So they called him on the carpet, demanding that he see to it that all these people were removed from the mailing list immediately! This body of Rulers has assumed to speak for and thus control what their subjects can read. If that is not "lording it over God's heritage," then there is no way to do such. Dear people, can't you see what has happened to you in the corporate institutional church? You have lost your freedom, if you ever had it. You truly "belong to the Church," and not to Jesus Christ. You must obey men rather than the Lord Jesus! But you can do something about this if you have the faith and courage. Get out of the church institution and take charge of your own life under the direction of the Lord Himself. You can find His will for you in His word. No, these names were not removed.


"Brethren, when an elder, preacher, or anyone else tells you what to read, or not to read, he is reflecting on your intelligence! He questions your ability to read something and distinguish between truth and error. You should resent it and many do. That is Catholicism. The Catholic clergy publishes a list of papers, books, movies and other things which their people are not permitted to read or see. Why? The rulers are afraid the people will learn the truth!! And preachers who would undertake to tell Christians what not to read are motivated by the same fear!"

You know that is the truth. Are you a slave of men or free in Christ? - cah