"Lite Sin '--and Other Words Worth Watching

A few new words for your evangelical dictionary:

Byelines: The third verses of hymns that are skipped over in congregational singing.

Guestimony: The salvation story of a once particularly lewd character. These visiting speakers are especially popular in churches where there are no "deep" sinners (see Lite Sin).

Hello-ship: Shallow conversation in church lobbies; often mislabeled as "fellowship."

Lite Sin: Sin with one-third less disapproval than other leading sins. Antonym: "deep sin."

McMessage: A fast-paced, slickly packaged talk that has little real nutritional value. To place an order, just say: "Pastor, could you please say a few words?"

Pastornoia: An overwhelming fear that the pastor will: (a) visit your home while you're listening to Twisted Sister, (b) see you on your way to the beach on Sunday morning; (c) ask you to pray in public.

Tele-vision: Spiritual insight given to evangelists who need money.

Borrowed from: Christianity Today                         Eutychus