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DATES FOR FUTURE FORUMS The first Truth and Freedom Forum for 1990 is scheduled for July 4-8, 1990, in West Memphis, AR.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Truth and Freedom Forum is scheduled for October 5-7, 1990 at the Airport Holiday Inn in Irving, TX.

Mark your calendar now and plan to be with us.

SECOND PRINTING OF NOVEMBER 1989 EXAMINER! Yes, the need was so great that we did a second printing of that issue; our first second printing of any issue. The circulation is growing faster than our ability to keep up. Also, we face another big problem, it is growing so fast and so large that it is outgrowing our financial resources! As I write this (the last of November), we do not have sufficient funds for the March paper unless adequate contributions are received soon! In addition, the workload has grown so big that we are overwhelmed, we cannot keep up! Isn't that wonderful. We've got some problems that must have a proper solution, but we must keep going full speed ahead. There are thousands more Christians out there who need THE EXAMINER! We need YOUR help now and on a regular basis. Will you help us?

PERSONAL NOTES: On September 18, 1989, HAROLD SPURLOCK, of Kilgore, TX passed away at his home. He had been in failing health for sometime. He leaves his wife, Eunice, three children, several grandchildren, two sisters, and one brother, Dean Spurlock. I have known Harold for many years. He and I, along with J.D. Hail, were involved in the publication of the Sentinel of Truth in the 1960's, a journal that then dealt with many of the same subjects now discussed in this paper. Harold was a man of exemplary character, an able student of God's word, an able preacher and writer. I loved and respected Harold. He was a real friend. He will be missed. Our prayers are for Eunice, and the family, as she goes on without him. Eunice is a worthy woman whose price is far above rubies.

DEAN SPURLOCK: On November 29, 1989, Dean (Harold's younger brother) died in his sleep at his home in Phoenix, AZ. He had recently undergone severe surgery in an attempt to correct long-time serious heart problems. We extend our sympathy to his family. Dean was an able student of God's word and an able teacher. He, too, will be missed. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

BULLETIN NOTICE FROM ELDER-SHIP: "All of our members are requested to make up any contributions you may missed this summer due to vacations or holidays by next Sunday. Thanks for your cooperation." Large C of C church in North Carolina. The lowly, voiceless members must pay their dues to the organization. Obey and pay, that's the whole duty of the faithful church member!

"It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not." ...Yesterday is gone - forget it. Tomorrow isn't here yet - so don't worry about it. Today is a golden opportunity - use it.

I wanted to write and ask you to keep on sending The Examiner. I like to read the paper very much. Thank you." Mt. Pleasant, TX ... "don't send another issue of that wicked paper, called The Examiner, to me." Bellingham, WA ..."here's a little bit to help along the way. I hope that all is well with you in spite of adversity and I know you have plenty of it. Please add this name to receive The Examiner.' Texas