Cremation--- "The godliest way to go."

Dear Charles,

On the question of cremation, it seems to me that the rituals of modern day funerals, in which the departed is embalmed, enshrined, and monumentalized are much more Baby-lonistic than cremation. They are a lifting up of self and are a disgrace to the principles of Christian stewardship.

The embalming and burial are a vain attempt to prolong the inevitable, that being the carbonization of flesh. This expensive illusion of life is for heathens. Our life is in Christ and surely transcends the temporary clothing we call a body.

It seems that unless a body is not embalmed and is buried in the cheapest and most unobtrusive- manner, then cremation is by far the godliest way to go. What's more, the Word teaches that eventually God will cremate the entire world. He says He will destroy the earth with fire.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Mike Qaddoimi.