No Authority Given To The Eldership

When I was a member of the one true, sound, and faithful Church of Christ church in Seattle, I often heard our clergyman preach on the difference between us and the denominations. Of course, this included the idea that men in their denominations usurped the authority of Christ.

In order to make his case he would quote Matt. 28:18: "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth." Then he would explain:

"This verse says ALL authority has been given to Me (Jesus). If Jesus has ALL authority that leaves NONE for any man or group of men, whether council, synod, college of Cardinals, or Pope. When these men claim authority they are actually usurpers of Jesus' rightful place."

Did you understand that? If a man claims authority he usurps Jesus' rightful place as the One with ALL authority.

But it is interesting when he would speak of the "Eldership", of which he is a member, he claimed that the "Eldership" has authority.

Hmmm. I thought Jesus said that He had ALL authority. He must have been mistaken.

Is it not amazing how men will contradict themselves in order to cling to their positions of power? It is so sad. What a shame. Mike Marion