A Serious Word to Concerned, Supportive Readers


ith this issue we enter the 5th year of publication of THE EXAMINER. It seems as if it was only yesterday that it started. The amazing thing is that we have survived and that the circulation has grown so large so fast. We praise and thank God for what has been accomplished in these four years. It has been far more than I could imagine or foresee.

We owe adept of gratitude to so many of you who have helped in this work, financially and otherwise. It is your work just as it is ours; an effort on the part of an increasing number of saints all over the nation. You have helped financially which is the bottom-line support that is absolutely necessary'. The circulation has grown rapidly and so has the financial burden. With the increasing circulation comes a growing workload for Jewel and me, as well as for Dan and Cheryl Clark, who handle the mailing list. There has been increasing cost of set-up, printing, postage, supplies, etc. (Remember: No one connected with the publication receives any pay or compensation whatever!) It is all a work of faith and a labor of love. All contributions are used to publish the paper and the things directly involved. And to the many able, dedicated writers who have given of their time, talent, and Bible knowledge in the excellent articles they have presented, we owe a big debt.

The Lord willing, it has been decided that we will publish THE EXAMINER for three more years, two years beyond the original plan, if the financial help is provided! It will cost far more to publish the paper in 1990 than it did in 1989, due to the increasing circulation. This means we need your help in providing the necessary funds to continue. Can we count on you to do what you can?

Right now, as I write this in early December, we can "see" (counting on your help into January) sufficient funds to pay for this January 1990 issue. I will not start on publishing another issue unless I can be sure that the necessary funds are on hand, or forthcoming, to pay for the March 1990 issue. The November 1989 issue cost almost $7000!

What this means is that we need more of you to help us with this increasing financial responsibility. Whether it is $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, or more, we must have your help on a regular basis to ensure that the paper will continue. However, we want you to know that there is absolutely no obligation on your part to do so. You owe us nothing for THE EXAMINER! It is sent free and without obligation; and it will continue to be sent that way or it will cease! Obviously it cannot continue without the necessary money to pay the cost, but it must come from those who desire to help of their own free will and ability. We want only those who are able and willing, and because you believe in what we are doing and the need for this effort, to help financially in this work. Be a part of this effort, after the manner of the early disciples: "...and in proportion that any disciples had means, each of them determined to send a contribution for the ..." publication of THE EXAMINER (cf. Acts 11:29). This is the way the early saints shared in a good work.

We need your financial help. We need your prayers that thousands more may be reached with THE EXAMINER. We need you to send the names of others to whom the paper may be sent.

Can we make it for three more years and continue to see an increased circulation of this paper? Well, it is up to you who believe in what is being done and those of us immediately involved with the work. Together we can do even greater things for the Lord and His people. There is much more that we need to do. We need to publish some reprints, booklets, and books on these vital subjects that can be put in circulation.

Several times before I have talked about the need for a thirty-minute weekly radio program on as many stations as possible all over the nation. Local disciples would be the contact source; and hopefully could pay the cost of the program in their area. The 'name of the program would just have to be Truth and Freedom, for the Lord put it right: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." I would love to participate in such a program, beginning and ending with: "This is Charles Holt speaking for truth and freedom." So much needs to be done and it appears that God is moving world conditions so that more of this can be done the world over.

I would appreciate hearing from you with your ideas and views about these vital matters. We are gradually shaping the content of THE EXAMINER so it will address the situation of denominationalism and religious divisions at large, rather than targeting mainly the C of C churches (of all varieties) and the ICC churches. The saints in these churches have been the primary target audience, the people in the pews especially, for the first four years. Perhaps it is time to more specifically reach out to those concerned, genuine people in the other denominations. We need to carry to them the knowledge of truth and the freedom from denominationalism and church institution religion that can be theirs. Our plea should be that we become and be Christians only, and only Christians; and then we can begin to see all religious or church divisions fall away and the blessed "unity of the Spirit" can find reality and acceptance "in the bond of peace." We must help disciples to know that we can and must relate to our blessed Lord on an individual basis, without clergy, churches, denominations or the doctrines of men. It will be our role to love and serve one another; and proclaim the good news that Jesus is Lord and Savior to all those round about us. Jesus saves! We must get busy now, tomorrow may be too late. Accept your individual responsibility and get busy fulfilling it.

Let me hear from you. I will carefully read and consider what you have to suggest. However, I do not promise to answer any letter because I am already more than two hundred letters behind!

Remember we really need your help. God bless you, dear brother and sister. - cah