On the front cover of a little booklet ("Freedom At Risk"), the author asks this question:

"Why DO some imagine God hates musical instruments and those He enables to use them?"

Even though put as a question, this brother charges that there are "some" (brethren?) who "imagine God hates musical instruments." In all my "born days" I have never known of anyone who "imagines" or ever indicated in any way that "God hates musical instruments." Have you?

Even worse than that, this brother charges that "some imagine God hates ... those He enables to use them." Why in heaven's name would anyone think or charge that "God hates ... those" that He Himself has enabled to use instruments of music? Why would God "enable" anyone to use an instrument of music and then hate that person for being able to do what God Himself "enables" that person to do? Does He hate a person for having the ability to do what is claimed God personally "enables" that person to do? Absurd! Who are those people who "imagine" such a terrible thing?

The question (not the writer, of course) is as vicious as it is false; and it ill-becomes this brother to resort to such charges. Surely he is not truly of that heart and sentiment. But his charge has gone out to hundreds of people all over the country. Of course, the reference is to those who oppose the use of musical instruments in accompanying the singing of praise of God. Those opposed to instruments of music in the worship of God certainly do not "imagine God hates musical instruments and those He enables to use them." It is a falsehood. - cah