Christian Works - Church Works

There is no distinction made in the Scriptures between those works which are legitimate for Christians as individuals and those legitimate for Christians as a group. Inasmuch as all works are done by individuals, perhaps the writers saw no need for such a distinction. The works of the "church" are the works of Christians, and the works of Christians are the works of the "church". The "church" is Christians, and Christians are the "church." Christians are "members" only in the sense that the hand is a "member" of the body; the hand is not added to the "body" like some nice but unnecessary appendage. The hand is essential to proper functioning of the "body". Without it, the body is deprived of part of its function. The body is not only a benefit to the hand, the hand is a benefit to the body. The hand is born a member of the body, it is not added after birth; each member, in like manner, is born a member of the "church;" he is not added to it after birth. Acts 2:47 cannot mean a separation between birth and addition, whatever it does mean. Gene Peacock