Readers Respond

"I wanted you to know how much I and my wife have appreciated and been encouraged by reading THE EXAMINER. 1 believe you are doing a very necessary work. It is nice to think that a time may come when the cause of Christ will not be strangled by church institutionalism.

"I would appreciate it very much if you could send me the names and addresses of any CONTACT people from the ..., Texas area."


"Guys. I'm broke. I will send funds next check to keep this great ministry up. Keep up the good work." - Texas


"I was recently handed an issue of THE EXAMINER. I found it very interesting and would like to be on your mailing list. I would also appreciate receiving any back issues you may have." - New Mexico


"We read and appreciate your magazine. Some of the articles bring up new and scary ideas. Many are concerning matters we've LONG thought weren't being done right.

"I've often thought, if Christ came today, the 'Church' wouldn't let us go hear him.

"Enclosed is $25. We will appreciate a Simple English Bible. Thank you. We appreciate your courage." - Texas


'''NO' do not send The Exterminator." - California


"Thank you for your book, IS BAPTISM ESSENTIAL TO SALVATION?

"Enclosed is $50 to help keep THE EXAMINER going out with the message that needs to be told. The 'Church' is really in a mess today and has been for a long time. We have forgotten our mission and to WHOM we belong. HE never divided His people, but men's sects have done an excellent job of serving Satan/ Just a Christian only. -- Missouri


"I have enjoyed most of your articles, particularly the one on man's 'whole duty' being simply to obey God out of reverence. I would encourage you in like fashion as Paul did the Corinthians 'Be ye steadfast ...' (1 Cor. 15:58). From a similarly concerned servant


"Please remove my name from your mailing list. 1 no longer want to receive THE EXAMINER." - Florence, AL


"I hope that you will get enough donations to keep THE EXAMINER going all over the nation." (She sent $50.) - Texas


"Please do not send any more. I do not agree on a lot of your thoughts. We all need to read our Bibles and leave a lot of this man written literature alone. Thank you." No name and no readable postmark.


"I enjoy your paper. The C of C church (as you call it) has gone to an extreme but so have you. But the other way.

"The problem is that we have cowboys instead of shepherds.' - Texas


"I was given a copy of THE' EXAMINER by a friend. I enjoyed reading it and found many good concepts that I have been trying to preach for several years now. I also found a few things in it that were 'unscriptural' or contrary to plain Bible teaching.

"However, all in all, I find your publication challenging and refreshing. I would like to begin receiving it regularly. Please add me to your mailing list/" from a preacher (Editor's Note: I was so impressed with the honesty of this young man, that he has been added to the mailing list. This is an exception to the rule - the paper is not for the preachers, but for the people in the pews.)


'Just want you to know I support the work you are doing. 1 am currently on strike with Eastern Airlines' and am unable to he!p financially at this time. As soon as possible 1 hope to be able to help in this way.

"Please send a copy of THE' EXAMINER to these friends below." - Florida


"Congratulations on a wonderful work. You are to be commended for putting into print the truth which so many are afraid to face. It does place one in a very strange, to say the least, position in trying to reach others of the "Church' in an effort to explain why one will not participate in certain activities which are set forth by the 'elders' of the congregation. I have felt for many years that something was not right in all that is taking place in this organization to which we are supposed to pledge allegiance as the body of Christ. That feeling has been with me even when I preached what I thought was the truth: it was there when I taught classes ... I felt that I was alone in my feelings until my daughter started receiving your wonderful paper in which I saw many of my own views expressed in a manner so convincing without the browbeating methods so often used in articles of religious content. You have given me renewed strength and will do something about the things which I see are wrong in this religious world, and especially in the so-called "church".

"..I thank God for you and people like you who are not afraid to speak the truth and cause people to study to prove all things. Keep up the good work. your paper is a blessing to many and an inspiration to many of us who have harbored thoughts of misgiving without knowing just how to satisfy that inner yearning for truth untainted by the whims of man. " - Texas


"Keep up the good work - lives are being changed." - Tennessee