The Editor Gets A Rating!

"Dear Sir: Do not send any more of your spiteful Pinko Commie trash to my address. Your heretical anti society views are unbiblical as well. I'll bet Charles Holt is a satanist, or a Pagan. The dribble which he espouses as theology is completely in contradiction to Christ's New Testament Plan. You may have noticed that I didn't waste any paper on you."

He typed all of that on the front of the return card. On the other side, this brother gave me a rating as follows:

"Lucifer Satan -- I Gates of Hell. Charles Holt -- 2 Gates of Hell, Grand Dragon Ku Klux Klan-- 3 Gates of Hell.'

Not too bad for me, I rated higher than Satan; but the Grand Dragon got top billing This Indiana brother seems to be a little upset with The Examiner and the editor

Over the last 45 years I have had some "experts," both men and women, work me over with harsh condemnation, bawl me out, insult me, read my pedigree, curse me, belittle me, even wish me dead and on two occasions threaten to do such, and assign me to hell with all the demons. But this is the first time I recall being "honored" with a ranking above Lucifer Satan. I must be getting better. Now if I can only surpass the Grand Dragon, I should be at the very top rank!

His enemies said Jesus had a demon and worked by the power of Satan. He was constantly falsely accused and opposed. His enemies finally "nailed (Him) to the cross by the hands of godless men and put Him to death" (Acts 2:23). Why? Well, it wasn't because He was merely preaching a "positive" message and had eliminated all the "negative.'' No, indeed, Jesus was NOT that sort of teacher. He loved everybody and wanted them to know the truth that would make them free. Truth is both positive (what is right) and negative (what is wrong). Truth on any point is narrow; error covers the rest of the ground. Truth has two sides and the faithful teacher will proclaim both sides. It is as necessary for people to know what is wrong (the evil or error that they may have accepted and should stop believing and doing) as it is for them to know what is right (what they should do).

Look at John the Baptist who "laid the axe at the root of the tree." He was no polished, "sweetness and weakness" preacher. He even spoke of some as a "generation of vipers" who were in danger of the "wrath to come." My, my, what an ugly attitude he had; such a sarcastic, uncaring, crude, rude, unloving man! Yet Jesus said of him that among those born of women there had not risen one greater than John the Baptist.

More and more there is the cry for nice, sweet, "loving" Pulpit Ministers, teachers and editors, who never speak openly of sin and religious error. They should be too sweet to do such a thing; and besides their job future is at stake, they would be fired.

Look at the apostles, chosen and sent by the Lord. All of the apostles were put to death, save John, and he was banished to the Isle of Patmos. Check out the Apostle Paul (2 Corn. 11:16-33). Everywhere he went there was a "riot or a revival.". He was viciously opposed, lied about, driven out of town, stoned, put in prison, ultimately put to death as was his Lord and Master.

The apostles and early disciples were engaged in turning people from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto God; and they preached the message of salvation with plainness and power. They were not "hired" to "fill a pulpit" and please a bunch of worldy saints! They openly condemned sin and evil, whether among the saints or in talking to sinners. Peter even told those Jews on Pentecost that they were the betrayers and murderers of the Son of God, their own Messiah. Mercy, how unkind and uncouth he was!

Yes, our Lord made and had enemies; so did all of his faithful followers. If you do NOT have any enemies, if no one speaks evil of you for HIS name's sale, if you are not "persecuted for the sale of righteousness," then it is time you checked up to determine if you really are following Jesus Christ (Matt. 5:11). "Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; REPROVE, REBUKE, EXHORT, with great patience and instruction" (2 Tim. 4:2). That's two negatives and one positive. But reproving and rebuking are not tolerated in the modern church; it brings on the persecution and the speaking all man-net of evil against us, or even worse. We would not accept or get along so peacefully with all the different denominations/religions if we followed the boldness and plainness of speech of Jesus, His apostles and other followers. But then, the C or C Church is but another denomination; hence, to condemn denominationalism is to condemn itself?

Some day, maybe, more and more disciples will understand that LOVE demands that we "speak the TRUTH," negative as well as positive, so that sinners and saints alike can know the whole truth that is able to make and keep them free. May God hasten that day before all is lost. - CAH