Questions, Questions, and More Questions

I have never claimed to be a scholar of the Scriptures, but at least I try to be an honest searcher. I have some questions for others who are carefully and honestly searching. Please check the category from which you think each item below comes.

Where do we get:                                                Scripture                     Tradition or Opinion

1. The invitation song?

2. The pulpit?

3. The paid minister?

4. The located evangelist?

5. The worship services?

6. The giving to the Church treasury?

7. Passing the plate is worship?

8. The Eldership?

9. The placing of membership?

10. Men only as Deacons?

11. Congregational singing?

12. N.T. pattern for worship?

13. God's people being preached to?

14. Going to Church?

15. The N. T. consists of 27 letters?

16. The O. T. consists of 66 books?

17. The Bible is the word of God?

18. Taking the Lords Supper is worship?

19. Unity is based on Scripture?

20. That God changed the Old Law for a New Law?

21. That sermons are an act of worship?

22. Sermons?

23. The saved keep a new law?

24. That Paul belonged to a church?

25. Be silent where the Bible is silent?

If you checked scripture on any of these questions please be kind enough to share them with me. I am an imperfect searcher just like you, and I want to be fight with my Lord more than anything else in the world. Roger Woodward, Jr.