One Moment Please...

The following was not written by Charles Holt, but it could have been. Read carefully:

"...all of the early Christians were missionaries. They did not leave the evangelistic task either to professional evangelists or to pastors to whom they paid salaries, for those did not exist. As we read the truly exciting story of the early Church, persevering as it did in the face of incredible odds, we sense the difference between the task of merely supporting missionaries and of being missionaries. The early Church did not have a missionary arm; it was a missionary movement."

Neither was the above written by myself or even one of "our" brethren. It is from the pen of D. Elton Trueblood in his The Incendiary Fellowship. We would be wise in reading and learning from others and quit pretending that we are the repositors of all revealed truth and its proper interpretation. We frown at the papacy for such arrogance but appear to engage in the same sort of ecclesiastical snobbery. Steven Clark Goad