HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is early, but let all of us here take this opportunity to wish each of you a very happy, prosperous (spiritually, especially) new year. Another decade is passing and a new one is soon to begin. The Lord willing, January 1990 will see the beginning of the 5th year of THE EXAMINER. Our prayer is that it will be the best year yet and will bring great spiritual benefit and FREEDOM IN CHRIST to all the readers. We need your prayers for this work of faith and labor of love. Also, we need your financial support as you are willing and able to provide. God bless each one of you.

CHRISTIAN CHURCH: "In a history-making ecumenical step the recent General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) elected a Roman Catholic priest, Monsignor Philip Morris of South Orange, N.J., as a member of the 1.1 million-member denomination's governing board." (AP news release.) That's really "ecumenical," a big step toward combining all denominations into a universal, worldwide church. Now the Disciples of Christ church should put an orthodox Jewish Rabbi and a Buddhist priest on their governing board. To give an even greater balance in their radical diversity and accept-everything-oppose-nothing stance they should elect an ATHEIST to the board. What next?

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The 1990 TRUTH AND FREEDOM FORUM is scheduled for July 4-8, 1990. Memphis, TN is likely the city. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend.

OBSERVATIONS: There's only one problem with religions that have all the answers. They don't allow any questions! ... It was bound to happen. Now the biggest opposition to the idea of organic evolution is coming from the monkeys! ... Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both. --John Holmes

THANKS to each of you who help with this work in so many ways. You send names of other Christians to whom THE EXAMINER can be sent. You pray for this teaching effort. You pray for those of us involved with the paper and for the readers. You send financial support which is so necessary if it is to continue and reach out to even thousands more. You write to give your encouragement and ideas. Without YOU this paper would cease. Together, let us work, pray', and give more in 1990 to make it our greatest year yet in sending forth the vital studies presented in this paper. Our purpose is to help FREE the Lord's people from the control of men and all the denominations and institutions of men which have enslaved them. "If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed" (John 8:36).

ITEMS OF NOTE: TIME magazine reported (June 12, 1989) that by the age of 16 the average American child has seen over 200,000 acts of violence on television, including 33,000 murders. TIME also reported that 88% of Americans believe that teen violence is a bigger problem than it was in the past and 67% believe that too much sex and violence in movies/TV is responsible. Yet few parents have the concern and courage to control this situation. They are too busy with the affairs of this life. Too many children are left on their own to do as they please. More and more America is sowing to the wind and will eventually reap the whirlwind ... PRIME-TIME and BOOZE: Statistics indicate that the average television viewer will see 90,000 incidents of drinking on TV by age 21, and 100,000 beer commercials by age 18. This occurs while 25,000 are killed in drunk-driving accidents annually.

SCARED? OR SMART?. Most people are afraid of snakes. Wouldn't touch one! Most snakes aren't poisonous and the ones that are take fewer lives than bees and wasps and other stingers.

Most people don't go near the edges of cliffs. Scared? Just sensible.

Most people are terrified by AIDS. A massive medical effort is being made against it. But AIDS could be stopped cold just by avoiding homosexual practices, promiscuous sex, and sharing drug needles.

And drugs? Why use any illegal drugs2 They destroy, whether smoked, sniffed or injected. Only stupid people ruin themselves.

But what about cigarettes? They contribute to more fatal cancer, heart and circulatory and other diseases than anything else in common and totally unnecessary use today.

And what about liquor? It cause ills, deprives families, destroys homes, puts drunks on the highway and kills.

Most people would rather talk about snakes and cliffs and AIDS the rest is "meddling.'

Editorial, Chattanooga News-Free Press, 8/2/89.