"Give me children, or else I die "(Genesis 30: lb)


Rachel might as well have been dead had she not been able to reproduce. The will to bear fruit must become a moving force in the lives of every Christian. If Christ has done something for us, we should be eager to share it with others. It's what I call the "pass-it-on" principle.

Fruit bearing is one proof of our discipleship. We are saved to help save others. Those of us who are born again are compelled by the joy of our salvation to assist in delivering other spiritual babies. Yet soul saving is something more talked about and written about than done. Jesus died to give us the privilege of participating in evangelism.

Fruit bearing glorifies God! Evangelism is one beggar telling another where he found bread. And as recipients of the Bread of Life, we cannot/must not keep this Good News to ourselves. Why do we?

Steven Clark Goad