One Moment Please...

The following was not written by Charles Holt or myself, but it very well could have been. Please consider carefully:

"It is the history of religious orders that the longer they exist the more they crystallize their beliefs into a set of doctrines prescribed by the fathers rather than by the Lord...Too many of us are content to rely upon the fact that our fathers have been to the Bible. We seem to feel that they got it all, and there is nothing new for us to learn. Satisfied with the status quo, we resent anything that disturbs the peace of the brotherhood. The Word of God needs to be taught to every generation. It needs to be investigated by every generation...Saving faith is produced by relentless investigation. A blind acceptance of a position set by others is"

I've read often that religious movements are born in caves and die in cathedrals. Our movement has been beautiful and enlightening in so many ways. But many of us give the impression that we have arrived at absolute divine truth and there is no longer need for seeking and asking. Some of us are at peace in Zion when we ought to be engaged in war with Satan. And it seems to me that the strongest weapon against our mutual adversary is a personal grasp of divine truth. And it doesn't come in a bottle. - Steven Clark Goad