·You have to wonder about any period in history in which people are saying that God is dead and Elvis is alive!

·How is your grasp of biblical matters? MARK TWAIN said: "Most people are bothered by those passages in Scripture they cannot understand, but as for me, I always noticed the passages in Scripture which trouble me are those I do understand." He had the right view of the situation.

W. CARL KETCHERSIDE (1908-1989) The death of this man should be noted. Most of the readers of this paper have heard of him, good and/or bad. He was a "giant" of a man in his influence upon thousands of saints in the Church of Christ/Christian Church churches, as sell as in other circles. His MISSION MESSENGER reached thousands with his teaching. His early views in some areas, especially the forthright way he expressed them, were different than those in his later years. He has left his stamp of leadership upon thousands who are indebted to him. It was my pleasure to know him, learn from him, and be associated with him on several occasions. He made his unique place in our history.

·REUEL LEMMONS, one of the significant leaders within the Church of Christ churches died last December. I saw him in early December at "The Nashville Preacher's Meeting" in Nashville. He was very sick then, but he came to share his views on the important subject he was assigned. I recall his words to me: "I appreciate THE EXAMINER." Our paths crossed only twice, but I read his writings over many years. He was a strong force in helping JIMMY LOVELL make the WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL into a tremendous work of teaching all over the world. He was the Editor of the FIRM FOUNDATION for many years; and in his last years was the Editor of IMAGE MAGAZINE. His "works" do follow him.

·HOW TRAGIC! Seven out of 10 NEW smokers NOW, it's said, are under age 14! That says a lot about our times and our teaching. How sad.

·"The Subversion of Theophilus" is the way one editor belittles and insults BOB WEST, the originator of the excellent cartoon strips (Theophilus) that have been widely used in years past and now appear in this journal. Now that Bob stands with us in this work of teaching and is using his multiple talents to help teach the truth through this medium, he is insulted as having been "subverted." These preachers have no hesitancy in belittling the integrity, intelligence, or character of anyone who accepts what we are setting forth in this paper. Their implication is that only fools, dupes, ignorant, or self-deceived people could accept what is taught herein. This is a vicious form of intimidation and brow-beating that frightens many people into submission and control. They are afraid to think and act for themselves. But, Bob West, they have learned, is not of that sort. He is fully able to speak for himself and present his defense in an effective, forceful way. May his tribe increase!

·INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY: YOU choose to be chosen of God; and YOU elect to be the elect of God.

·Therefore, let us always offer, through Jesus, the sacrifice of praise to God-the fruit of our lips, telling the truth about His name. Don't forget to share and do good. God is pleased with sacrifices like these. (Hebrews 13:15-16-The Simple English Bible)

·"We greatly enjoy reading The Examiner and look forward to every issue. We would be very interested in getting a list of "Contact" names in the...area...Thank you for your devotion to the Truth, and please keep it up." - Texas